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  1. Question on the Morningstar. I’m assuming you used Willbreaker? Do you have to avoid the DOT upgrade because it can interfere with the 100% damage on next attack? I am not familiar if DOTs can take precedence and consume the buff.
  2. Would this work with Tactician? With the battered mind upgrade you should be able to push out a large amount of interrupts.
  3. I am interested in this as I have always gravitated towards "debuffing" type builds. I know you are using a companion in your playthrough, but if using the MC what attributes would be considered priority? Is is worth it to place many points in might due to you having the morning star modal on most of the time and suffering -25% damage? In my opinion Int/Dex/Per should be priority or do you debuff fortitude so much that Per does not matter?
  4. In regards to active buffs not stacking, that means zealous endurance and gilded enmity (Goldpact) AR buffs don’t stack?
  5. Hmm, it seems like a Goldpact/shifter can be pretty sturdy in regards to armor rating with the various Druid buffs, bear form, gold enmity, and even stoic steel. Damage should be decent as you said, you can even add on the various storm spells to increase impact. Does Armor Rating eventually fall off in POTD? I imagine it loses its effectiveness past a certain point?
  6. I am trying to see if Unbroken/Shifter would work for one of my companions on POTD difficulty without getting torn apart in a few seconds. I am trying to build around high pen disengage attacks as well as Avenging storm from Heaven's Cacophony. I'm assuming the stat spread should be something like Boeroer's "Bat**** Crazy" build from pillars 1 (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83775-class-build-batsht-crazy-disabling-druid-tank/) Any suggestions on if this can work? What should I build around? Any must have items? Thanks!
  7. Alright so INT being the priority, probably followed by PEr since you have to hit and I’m assuming DEX/Might about equal.
  8. Not quite sure how the additive damage on Crits work....would it be worth it to go high might on that debonaire/cipher build or is it worth it to invest in other necessary states (PER/INT/DEX) Thanks!
  9. Ok sorry, I was going off a previous statement that pernicious cloud didn’t remove the effects. Was that a special case?
  10. For my own clarity as I know it was mentioned earlier, all damage sources including basic attacks and besides CC break charm/dominate?
  11. Has anyone figured out how to make Debonaire work efficiently? I know there was talk earlier in this thread about cohesion with cipher, wizard, or devoted, just wondering if anything else has been determined. I’m assuming the key is to have high damage abilities that are Friendly fire aoe? Any further weapons that have on Crit effects that would warrant a build around them? Debonaire/devoted with Amra, Oathbreakers, or karaboru and a cipher in the party? Debonaire/cipher with essence interrupter?
  12. Wouldn’t the elemental bolts upgrade on the Spearcaster overcome this? It adds +3% Damage as Burn, Corrode, Freeze and Shock. Is the sufficient to remove the penalty or am I misunderstanding?
  13. Question on a possible combination I am thinking about playing... would Arcane Archer / Devoted be any good? I am thinking of using he arbalest “spearcaster” so I get multiple bonuses for stacking Arcane. Does the weapons accuracy bonus impact the primary attack from the imbue abilities?
  14. Hey All, I wanted to play the entire franchise through as a Priest of Wael and eventually multiclass with a Barbarian in POE2. I saw some talk on the Shaman build but was slightly confused on how it plays. Do you get within melee range with the Rod spiritual weapon for carnage + blast or is this strictly a ranged build? What abilities should I be taking? Any advice would be most certainly welcome. Thanks!
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