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  1. Hey All, I am trying to find an offensive build for Liberator that will work on POTD difficulty. I already know of the Bleak Walker/Fury combo that has 4 different damage types but I have a problem playing the cruel/aggressive disposition of Bleak Walkers (Unless I really don't need to follow it, does it only impact defenses?) Is there another type of liberator build that would be beneficial? I am partial to any offensive/tanky builds but I know there are probably some great support combos that I am not thinking of. Thanks for you help!
  2. Ah ok, sorry about the confusion on the Brisk Recitation Part. Anyways, I and building the NPC with the following; 10 might 8 Con 18 Dex 15 Per 19 Int 8 Con Now for the race would wood elf be very beneficial? I am assuming I am going to be in Mid range as I plan on being a CC/Summon bot with the stormcaller. Would the wood elf be beneficial or would the micro of 4m away and still within range of chants to buff summons be too time consuming? I'm guessing a ring of overseeing would help with this? Also since I want to spam invocations, do I pretty much just run level 1/2 chants the whole game? Thanks! Justin
  3. Hey All, I have a question on the stormcaller chanter CC build. I am running one with one of my NPCs and have a quick question about it. So I understand that the build isn't meant for damage and as a result I ran the build with high Int, Per, and Dex. I am slightly up in the air for talents and was hoping to get some clarification on them. 1) Penetrating Shot - I am assuming this isn't worth it because it focuses on increasing damage at the cost of attack speed. I'm guessing this means less stormcaller Chanter procs...so no good? 2) Outlander's Frenzy - Does this stack with Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows? 3) Depending on the above answers, I was thinking the below talent spread. Any recommendations? Ancient Memory Beloved Spirits Brisk Recitation (More phrases = More paralyze? or is this not needed due to the 8s time on "Killers Froze Stiff"?) WF Peasant Marksman Heart of the Storm? Outlander's Frenzy? Interrupting Blows? Thanks Everyone
  4. Quick question. Has anyone tried an unbroken/illusionist build? Seems like it might be a good tank build with the triggered mirror image. Thoughts?
  5. Can you perhaps give an example? I have been looking for this too. Most of the barbarian builds listed dump con or have it at 10. Is there a specific build I should be looking at? The only high con build I have found was monk, but that was a retaliation build and Idk if that would still be viable going into the next game.
  6. Thanks for the input. If Bittercut is used is another weapon focus talent needed or is it not due to the already gained accuracy for being one handed?
  7. Thanks for your insight Torm. For the initial FoD burst with the Arquebus, would it better to use Bleak Walker with Remember Rakhan Field or a Goldpact Knight with Enduring Flames?
  8. So I will be the first to admit that I am not good at builds and I seem to constantly not be happy with my character. I am trying to put together a final play through before Pillars 2 comes out and would like to know if the following build would be worthwhile. Please note I like playing gun characters and if possible using one handed weapons only... My idea behind this would be a character that quickly goes through their ranged weapons and charges into melee to finish combat. Bleak Walker Paladin Island Aumaua Talents The Black Path / or Critical Focus? Remember Rakhan Field Quick Switch Weapon Focus Soldier Scion of Flame Intense Flames Penetrating Shot One handed Style Abilities Zealous Focus Inspiring Triumph Coordinated Attacks Sworn Enemy Reviving Exhortation Sacred Immolation Healing Chain? Behold the Martyr The difficulty most likely will be POTD and as far as equipment I will use the usual arquebus (pilambo and an exceptional) and most likely Godansthunyr. Ryona's Vambraces for extra penetration as well. Would this build be worth it or would it be drastically outclassed by others? I appreciate all the help!
  9. Thanks as always Boeroer. You mentioned Per...I'm assume I max Dex and Might? Is Might important if I have such a high crit damage?
  10. I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with this. So I am looking to finish the first game before the second comes out and would also like it to have a sort of pirate archetype in which the character uses a pistol for long range and a single sabre for close range. I'm assuming that a rogue would be the best fit but I am open to opinions. Obviously I would need one handed for this, but can anyone please recommend the additional talents and abilities to complete the template or possibly point me to a guide that would fit the character? I really do appreciate any help.
  11. Sorry for posting in an old post, but can you possible make a recommendation on the stats if a person did not like to min max? Thanks!
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