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  1. Cool thanks for that. Yeah PL8-9 wiz spells is why I really wanted to run a single class wiz. I was worried that wiz buffs wouldn't be enough to tank properly.
  2. So on PoTD how well could a single class wizard tank for a party and still be able to cast spells? Can his defenses end up high enough to reliably sit on the front with self buffes and armor and still cast? I know an arcane knight can do very well but I want to use a pure wizard if possible and focus on casting spells not focusing on weapons. Is there a build like that or is it not possible?
  3. So comparing paladin and fighter, if I was going to tank and add in a wizard, which would you say was better? Battlemage or Arcane Knight? What about Swashbuckler compared to holy slayer?
  4. RDC for Royal Deadfire Company. Just for RP purposes which is why Maia is the companion of choice here. The wizard would have selfbuffs and offer utility and maybe a debuff or offensive spell here and there when (if) needed along with having its natural tankiness from being a paladin or fighter. SC Ascendant cipher is going to be Ranged character.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm starting a new playthrough and I'm trying to decide on a tank and what to do with Maia. This is going to be a RDC campaign on POTD. The party is as follows: PC: SC Ascendant Cipher Melee: Marauder (zerker/streetfighter) Support: Herald (KW/Troub) Maia Companion: Can't decide class Tank: I'm thinking Swashbuckler (unbroken/trickster maybe), Battlemage (Unbroken/no sub) or Arcane Knight (Shieldbearer or GPK/ no sub) I am leaning towards a wizard tank for the utility spells and self buffs, and if so probably Maia as SC Ranger (if its any good now) or a Scout. If a
  6. I was looking into barb also. Does blood lust (action speed on kill) and blood thirst (zero recovery on kill) both work with spells? If so that's huge benefit.
  7. Any update on this? Has this worked out at all for you or was it just "meh"? Really curious because I was looking into doing the same thing! Would really like to hear an update on how it went and your thoughts. Cheers!
  8. I think this just pretty much summer it up, thanks! I've tested a single class ascended and like it and never had any issues reaching ascended on Potd. Once you lose ascended and have to reach it again was also a non issue. It's honestly so easy to hit ascended with the right weapons, even as a single class cipher. I was wondering if there was any multiclass combo that enhances your abilities while ascended (which is why I looked at monk and all the buffs) and are those buffs worth the lose of the 3 power levels you lose by not being single class? From what I'm reading so far and especially yo
  9. So I'm on the fence on how to make an ascendant. I'm thinking between a single class Ascendant or a Transcendent(helwalker/ascendant). I need some help deciding and what others think and/or have tested. Pros and cons of what I have so far ASCENDANT Pros -faster PL increase -plus 3 PLs late game over a multiclass just by being single class -access to PL8-9 Cons -not sure a con but idk how good PL8-9 really are. Is it worthwhile? -no monk. Let's face it, monks are great. TRANSCENDENT Pros -helwalkers get +10 might and intelligence w/ max wounds. Nothing to scoff at. -can quickl
  10. I really don't like the zeal cost nerf on lay on hands..... I run Pallegina as a single class paladin for my healer in group and nerfing LoH to cost 2 zeal is really going to kill her as my main healer. This realllllly hurts her as a solo class party healer and I hope it gets changed back. I really want her in the party as healer as I dont want xoti or tekehu. Here's hoping the message gets through. Please reconsider this change!
  11. I think they give it to ciphers because they can't use it on themselves...They also gave it to them because chanters could do it in an aoe to the whole party at once. Ciphers could do it to everyone but themselves and they have to cast it on each party member one at a time. Huge difference between the two.
  12. Oh, Cipher what? Is it the time parasite nerf? I haven't made it that high of a level yet but all the other nerfs don't see that terrible imo.
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