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[435] Beetle Targeting / Pathfinding issues




In this video, I sent my BB Fighter in against this group first. The Adra beetle was the first to reach him, and the Adra Beetle and my other party members are blocking the path to the BB Fighter so the rest of the beetles cannot target him in melee.


None of the Beetles re-acquire a new target once they work out they can't attack the BB Fighter. One of the Stone Beetle manages to Burrow behind the BB Fighter, but as you can see there are two Wood Beetles and one Stone Beetle standing there doing nothing  because they can't reach their target.

The problem here seems to be that the Beetles aren't checking for a new target when stationary, and the AI targeting loop while moving was too slow to make them re-acquire a new target when they were moving.


I'd suggest to also add the same loop that runs when enemies are moving for when enemies are stationary and have no queued action or something, as you can see, there's a clear problem here where it is easy to technically disable a few enemies by using the navmesh edges and your other units to block the path to the targeted unit.


Another thing that could help alleviate this problem (but it won't fix it), is to update the AI targeting loop while moving faster, as this is still causing quite a few problems with the AI in the game.

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