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What was your favourite quest in an RPG? Why?

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I quite liked Moridor's Box in Planescape: Torment. In fact I'm going to implement something similar in my D&D campaign, giving the party a simple delivery job early in the campaign. They then discover that the recipient of the delivery is scared witless of whatever the hell is inside. I still haven't decided what's inside or how the party is supposed to rid themselves of the evil, similar to how it was in Torment.

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Can't of think of any all times favorite quest, but one I did recently and liked:


The eyeless one cult in BG2. Why?

1. I liked the atmosphere in the hall of the dead god and his servants.

2. The puzzle in the battle against the demon(where you had to heal him to kill him) was brilliant, IMO.

3. You can finish the quest with little fighting if you want to.

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Reading through this topic, I realized that I like the investigative quests the most.


1. Siamese Twins quest in Arcanum.

2. Finding Dwemer in Morrowind.

3. Snuff film quest in Bloodlines.

4. Murder investigation in Witcher.

5. Gathering evidence for the trial in NWN2.

6. Whole Deus Ex :)


I especially enjoy those if the resolution doesn't tell you everything. And if you can actually come into wrong conclusions.

Finding evidence, questioning witnesses, that's always fun for me.


In short, I'd love to have as much of those as possible.

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- killing the coffin maker's pet zombie in Torment.

- the whole second chapter of The Witcher

- assassinating someone by loosening a minotaur trophy in Oblivion

- persuading the random adventuring band to get the McGuffin for you from the fiery pits in Arcanum (IT SHOOTS DEATH RAYS FROM ITS EYES!)

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I'll cheat and name a few memorable ones

- Dakkon's Circle. First time I understood the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom

- Stale Mary's communication reveals depth beyond the zombies' face value

- Senator Palpatine's cunning, manipulation and corruption - Evil should have lots of style and non-violent opportunities with incentives beyond petty greed

- MotB's spirit hunger - a corruption that reinforces tempatation and power

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One of my favourite quests has to be the one from Mask of the Betrayer's "Coven Dreamscape" - The Bard Durler who wants you to play a game of "Hells" with him. Hells is pretty much a guessing game, and it's by one of the most difficult and enjoyable that I've come across. I actually have a save file sitting in that dreamscape, so whenever i'm particularly bored I can just swoop in to play a few rounds.


Honestly, Hells is one of the most enjoyable "mini games" that I've ever experienced.

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In terms of atmosphere, I have to say the cursed Felwood in Icewind Dale II is among my favourites. I love the mysterious mood of the dark, snowy forest, navigating its twisted paths, and battling the evil will o' wisps and treemen to lift the curse that prevents you from reaching its eastern edge.


Many people seem to hate that part of the game, because they think you can navigate the forest solely by trial and error - but those people don't know that a character with decent a skill in Wilderness Lore can quite easily pick up tracks, hear sounds, or see lights that allow you to find the right path into the heart of Felwood. :)

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Deathclaw quest from Fallout 1.

Chicken Transformation from Baldurs Gate 1.

Half Ogre Island quest from Arcanum.

Many quests from PS:T but especially saving Morte :)

Autopsy quest from The Witcher 1.

Fort Drakon from Dragon Age: Origins.

Removing Henselt's Curse from Witcher 2.

Claptrap's Secret Stash quest from Borderlands 2. (her really got me there that little bastard)

and that is all i had to say :biggrin:

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I enjoyed investigating Vale of Shadows in Icewind Dale, which eventually led to the meeting with Kresselack the black wolf in the deepest place of the catacombs. I generally like investigation-quests, so long as there's a good reason for investigating. So I liked Icewind Dale - lots of investigating and searching for the Heartstone gem in amazing and mysterious places.


Investigating the troubles in Umar Hills and eventually beating the whole Shade Lord dungeon in BGII was cool.


The Anomen Delryn Quest involving the murder of his sister and the bitterness of his father. Good drama :) Great quest.


I liked repelling the troll invasion of Arnise Keep as well. And also rescuing the slaves/gladiators in the copper coronet.


NWN had a few cool quests too. I have trouble remembering the locations and stuff so I'll leave it be...

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It has been mentioned before but the skinner quest in BG2 is a favourite of mine. Sure, the first part, the part where you are the detective, could have been more difficult and complicated but other than that it's perfect. It has several stages and when the skinner flees you're not sure if the quest is over or not. As it turns out it continues in a whole other area where it gets its finale. And even after that there's a follow up as one of the rewards leads to another quest to get hold of a certain armor. I just love it.


I also like the scary hotel quest in Vampire: Bloodlines, however I think such a quest works better in first person view rather than the isometric view we will have in P:E.


I also like quests where you get control over one or several of the other companions rather than the protagonist. Like fort Drakon but also in Kotor and Kotor II. Not to have such quests all the time but a couple over the course of a complete game is nice for flavour.

I'll do it, for a turnip.


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I'm not sure I can pick just one. Things I agree with:


Vale of Shadows, Dragonseye and the Severed Hand in Icewind Dale

Finding Morte and Ravel in Planescape: Torment

Spellhold, the Underdark, the Sewer Riddle, the Tests in Hell and the Unseeing Eye in Baldur's Gate II

Finding the Dwemer in Morrowind

The Felwood in Icewind Dale II


Beyond that...


I'm quite fond of the return to Candlekeep section of Baldur's Gate, as well as Durlag's Tower. Also in Baldur's Gate, all the strange little quests one can find by wandering about (the mad priest, the Basilisk-controlling gnome, the Sewer King).


Dorn's Deep is one of my favourite areas in Icewind Dale, and the quest of finding out what happened there is one of my favourites.


In Icewind Dale II, I like the Black Raven Monastery and gaining entrance to the Underdark. Also, Lord Pyros' domain in Dragonseye.


The Dead Nations in Planescape: Torment I find very interesting. Also all the quests that you don't quite realise are quests until later, stemming from things you find (like Moridor's Box).


I like the Sahuagin quest in Baldur's Gate II as well, and Watcher's Keep, and I'm actually fairly fond of Irenicus' dungeon.


In Morrowind, I'm very fond of the Ashlands-related parts of the main quest, as well as the Ilunibi caverns section. I'm also fond of the last two quests in Tribunal, and that one quest where you take over the role of an actor.


In some ways I really liked the last few Dark Brotherhood quests in Oblivion, but I would really have liked there to be some way to figure out what was going on. I didn't happen to, but still, I think it should've been possible.


I really like Orazammar and the Deep Roads with Caridin in Dragon Age: Origins. That is probably my favourite part of the game. I also like Fort Drakon, although for a slightly different reason -- I like having my character break out on their own, but I also like that it doesn't have to be that way.


I like the tombs of the ancient Sith Lords on Korriban in Knights of the Old Republic, and the last trial on Korriban -- particularly how it can change if you come to that planet last and are playing a Dark Side character.



I suppose the most common theme there is a combination of exploration, interesting atmosphere, and a few other things such as riddles, puzzles, or investigation.

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My fav quest is The Longest Journey. :grin:


edit: Oh, and, because it's great! :)

I've bought that game 2 days ago and I'm playing through it now, having played the sequel before, I gotta say I like it. because the story is compelling despite it being a relatively simple point and click adventure.


So far I notice that many of the answers are quests that don't feel very straightforward, quests that encourage you to think/be creative and quests which allow you to approach it from more than one direction.

These stand out and stay with you and are compelling because they expect something from you the player, beyond "Go there, kill that"

I've also learned there are quite a few games I haven't played yet that I should.

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Generally I like quests with a bit of puzzles, riddles or problem solving involved. As many people have said investigative quests are generally a great place for this sort of thing.


Beyond that I always really liked the quest line in Fallout 2 between Modoc and the Ghost Farm. It had a bit of investigating involved but also had a time element involved making it feel a bit more dire. If you couldn't solve things and make peace in time then they went to war and you had to pick a side. For 2 side areas that had nothing to do with the main story I thought it was a great addition to the world.

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There was this rpg I played years ago, I don't remember much about the PC except I was yellow, kind of round (a bit fat maybe) and had a large mouth. There were these ghosts chasing me, and I ran around this maze-like location trying to avoid them. The real hook though, the thing that made this quest different and memorable were these strange pills you'd find in out of the way corners. Eating one of these pills transformed you into some kind of ghost eater, and for a moment the tables were turned. I think it must have taken place in a mad scientist's laboratory.

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Two of my favorite quests were in vampire bloodlines. the one in the hotel and the one with the prothesis guy who beats the "crap" out of you with a detached arm. they had a great atmosphere.

Heh, still don't understand why so many people think the hotel is great... or creepy.

Personally I found it rather boring and creepy, nope.


The prostetic guy freaked me out though... as did the internet cafe (before the beasties overdid their welcome)...



Suppose spiritual stuff doesn't freak me out (hotel), so I feel not uneasy there. However real life freak stuff (snuff movie making, torture and betheft of freedom) do, since that's a lot more relatable, plausible, and hence... creepy.

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I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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I really loved pretending to be a Drow while in the Underdark. With Viconia in the party you could really appreciate screwing over Drow society.

Defending Nalia's from the enemy house was great because it allowed for your stewardship of the keep to bear fruit. Ideas established in that quest could be used in the keep in PE.

Fighting my way to the top of the Shadow-ridden Elf tower in Icewind Dale was really memorable. The history of the place was great.

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If it comes to creepy athmosphere, I agree that the Vampire Bloodlines hotel quest was great.

Especially considering the fact, that most game developers today seem to know only splatter and gore as ways to create a creepy athmosphere. (Yes, I'm looking at you Fallout 3!!!)


However, the most memorable quest I can remember was probably the reactor quest in Fallout 2.

Mainly because I messed the quest up unknowingly, returned proudly to Vault city and got 'informed' by an extremly pissed off elder, that Vault City got contaminated because of my actions. It was the first time I got that feeling in a game that my actions had consequences on the game world beyond a failed or succeeded quest marker or just game over. Unfortunately, even after all those years, Fallout 2 still stays the only RPG where I got that feeling.


Though, I heard good things about Witcher 2, however it seems to have terrible combat and I don't want to be 'raped' by Triss again like in the first part.

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Mourns-For-Trees from the Hive in PS:T.


He just wants us to believe that the dying trees can heal, so that hopefully they will.

Then we come back with other companions and ask them to please believe with us.

As a hopeless idealist I thought this simple quest was brilliant and I wish I knew who wrote it.

I actually took a screenshot of the dialogue though it doesn't show all the possible answers...



This is one of the differences between this game and others. Others use side-quests as filler.

Here we don't have to kill or find, it's a one minute extra, just to make us think and wonder.

Yet there it is. Simply perfect.

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-The gem quest (and that whole Jackal area) in IWD Trials of the Luremaster was memorable for me.


-I also liked the Trial in NWN2.


-Bonderai Reloads- BG2: TOB


-Infiltrating the Bandit Camp in BG1


-The Atherium Wars Quest in Skyrim: Dawnguard


-I'm trying to think of an actual quest in PS:T that stands out, but nothing's coming to mind. PS:T's quests weren't what made that game great. The conversations were. That said, the meeting with Ravel in her maze was probably the single greatest 5-10 minutes of gaming I've ever experienced.

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