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  1. Wing Commander: Privateer was great. Righteous Fire was awesome. Now I'm in (Privateer 2) The Darkening. It's... I still can't even describe it. All I can currently say, is that it's even better.
  2. Play Civ 2, and when you're done with scientific research victory, you can play its sequel Alpha Centauri, also one of the best games ever made.
  3. When I had the Galaxy: But, I like the Centurion a lot more
  4. Oh my... When I look back to these (which aren't even a week old, lol) I can't stop pacepalming about mistakes I made... I have sold my Orion which served me well and was fun to play although a bit rough, and bought a Galaxy. I could have stood the speed, the guns limitation, even try to test playing turrets. But not the coc kpit view. The manual says that it's on par with the Centurion's and better than the Orion's. Seriously? I'd take the Orion's 10 times! Sure with two turrets, you can see much of the field, but I hate switching to turrets. So I only made missions with the Galaxy to have enough credits to buy a Centurion upgraded with 2 Plasma Guns and 2 Tachyons cannons on front side. Then I charted every system left to my current knowledge and started the campaign. I previously made awful typos and mistakes (forgot some bases in then-unexplored systems, and wrote "blackade" instead of "blockade", was then thinking of something like a black hole and didn't translate to search a meaning, I was used to the french term "blocus"). More up-to-date data: I'm currently doing the Exploratory Service missions, and it's funnier than I thought, but also more difficult... Have I said how I hate asteroids? Well, now, I still hate them but they are sometimes useful... It was been around 15 years since I have played Wing Commander 3 and 4, and.... they were the very last space ship games I played - with the exception of X Beyond the Frontier, but it was many years ago too, and it doesn't really compare. So when I began Wing Commander Privateer, let's face it, I was a noob. I don't think I am a "power gamer" now (I'm very very very very far from it xD), but it's amazing to feel the gap between back then and now, I haven't felt this in a game for ages. Back to asteroids, I had to learn the very old trick: Never be the prey, always be the hunter. In dog-fighting, it's up to the prey to find safe routes. If not, well... you'll have another less prey soon. So keep pressing with shots fire here and there, and sure asteroids will find their way... And I had to learn the shield cycles' trick too, to manage afterburner and my current 4 Plasma Guns on front (i have two other ones on rear turret but... I still never use the turret, but for the tractor beam).
  5. I know it should have been detailed maps for Wing Commander Privateer for, well... literally decades, since the game is around 25 years old, but charting the quadrants and systems all by myself is part of the fun of the game. I haven't done a single mission for a while, only to travel point by point, system by system, and charting all little by little. The following table and map are obviously incomplete (blue bold lines have been traveled while the black thin ones aren't) And I still haven't started the main story, I believe...
  6. Wing Commander Privateer So, after buying an Orion and doing several missions given by the computer (just the classic ones, like I did since the beginning: scouting, attacking pirates/retros/kilrathis and defending stations, always in the Troy system), I finally decided to take a great step: to start exploring, and why not make some money of it? So I contracted both the Merchants' and the Mercenaries' Guilds in Helen to take only bounty missions. So, pirates, retros and kilrathis to hunt in the Troy, Pender's Star, Regallis and War systems. Here we go! The patrol in Troy is fair simple and time to jump to Pender's Star! Easy, wasn't it? Retros as a welcoming group. How charming. Nav 3 cleared. And now Nav 2, it should be easy... What?! Asteroids. ASTEROIDS. BOOM. BOOM. *Main Screen* Wasn't really prepared for this. Learned the lesson the hard way, I suppose. Time to take back the last save in Helen when I was prepared to lift off. Cleared the Troy system once again. Jumped to Pender's Star. Ok to Nav 2. Grrr. There are pirates there, so I have to fight even with these damned asteroids. Hopefully a pirate had been crushed by an asteroid, so with a few missiles the other two were history. Then time to clear my way out of this mess, blasting with my tachyons all the way (happy to have bought a lvl 4 engine right before leaving Helen) WITHOUT afterburner. Armour damaged but systems recovered thanks to the robot and shields back to online, but I hate these asteroids. Especially with some tank ship like the Orion. Time to go the Nav 1. Easily cleared. But I won't go back to Nav 3 with autopilot. I'm not crazy, Nav 2 is right in the middle of the course. So I manually drove the ship to avoid the asteroids (at full speed with afterburner... so 800 kps...) Go back to Troy, no stop and jump this time to Regallis. Nav 3 cleared. Nav 2 cleared. Nav 1 cleared. Nav 4 cleared. Nav 5 cl... Argl!?!? Asteroids again! Got few damages more in the end. Again, go back to Troy, no stop and jump to... Wait a minute. I didn't note the missions. The last one concerned War or Pyrenees? Hum, I don't think it was Pyrenees, I would have remembered because of the original mountains and because it begins with a P, and I don't recall another system mentioned in briefings with a P, Pender's Star excepted. So time to War. Well... the system, of course. I'm no confed! Jumped and... *sight* Asteroids. Again. And with a fight as a "bonus". Yeah! And few damages more as another "bonus". Less than previously though. Well, if I want to come back, it has to. A nav cleared, and another, and the last very one... Wait. Oh. Surprise. Guess who's coming to the party. Well "what". A little asteroid. A very little cute asteroid. How to refuse it? It's so happy it's coming with its WHOLE FAMILY. Hard to refuse them now, isn't it? And you know what? There are very stupid pirates out there. Or maybe they just have a fetish and want to kiss these "little" asteroids. Boom Boom Boom Boom. Johnny Hooker time. A few shots and party's over, so now the exit. A few scratches here and there. So asties, you're not my kind. Now the last jump to finally go back to Troy. But asties in the way obviously. GET OUT OF MY WAY. Don't care if there's a friendly ship between me and the jump point. The line between good and evil should reside in a few asties, I guess. Ahhh. Happy to see Helen again and land on it. Well I know someone who thought that and got a lot of trouble... Wait a minute, I think there's something I missed. I can't put my finger on it, but I am sure there's something. Nevertheless it shouldn't be important. I'm back! That's all that matters! Rough trip, isn't it? And I only explored a very little tiny part of the quadrants... Time so see my bank account, and... WHAT?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!? NO CREDITS ADDED. NO. CREDITS. What could have happened?! *Save* *Take back the previous save on Helen I took last time* See the mission list. "No mission" *sigh* The save I took back previously after being destroyed in Pender's Star was made... before the subscriptions to the guilds and then before accepting bounty missions. *sigh* I did this "trip" for nothing. *sigh* Well, not for nothing. Exploration... ? Experiencing asties... ? *facepalm* Oh and now I remember what I did forget. I didn't encounter any kilrathis, while I'm sure one of the bounty missions had those to hunt. Well, I guess there are kilrathis dancing in space far far far away. Maybe riding asteroids, and maybe laughting out loud. And... *lightning strike IRL* Could it be? No way. Time to stop gaming for today.
  7. Still playing Wing Commander: Privateer, sold the old Tarsus (which was upgraded to max of her potential - with the exception of the Shield Generator that stayed at level 1 to keep full maneuverability, and with two Tachyon Cannons which have the best characteristics - Velocity, Delay, Energy Use, Armor Penetration - for low level engines). I bought an Orion (I want to try each ship, one after another), and while she's interesting, I still don't get used to use the turret. And I have to admit, I am still reluctant to let the Troy system behind, so to say, really beginning to play the game and you know... follow the story... I think I will be more as an explorer studying maps and keeping fuel in cargo than a merchant/smuggler/mercenary/saviour of the universe/whoever...
  8. With all new space games, is it insane to play this?
  9. Got my CE signed edition and in France too, and the statue is broken in multiple parts... Maybe it would have be prevented if the package had the mention "FRAGILE".
  10. I have currently only one in mind, since there are a lot of already released games that I have yet to have and play. Powerslave/Exhumed EX, if Nightdive is still planning to make it. It's not really a new game per se, and I already have its original PC and Saturn versions of course, but after the Turok series re-releases, I'd love to see Exhumed in the lights again. To me, still one of the most underrated FPS.
  11. I played the old Shining force... Man..that was good . And never heard of a 3rd !! But if it was on Saturn , then yeah . I did own a Saturn back then (and still, because it remains one of my favorite systems), but I have waited for SFIII for too long, rumors were insistant about the project of a new Shining Force on Saturn, since 1995. When Shining Wisdom came, it wasn't bad (at least not as bad as many said) but not a 'Force. And when Shining the Holy Ark released, another nice game (very good in fact), but still not a 'Force... After 2 years, the wait was a bit tiring. The only Shining Force-like released west-wide was Riglord Saga (aka Mystaria aka Blazing Heroes, depending of the area and the date of release). A pretty good one though. Rumours around were that Riglord Saga 2 was in the making too, but when Sega of America crumbled Saturn marketing in 1997, I lost hope like everyone and went to PC (that's how I discovered Fallout and so on). It was literally years after that I have learned that both Riglord Saga 2 and Shining Force III were finally released in Japan (SFIII in 3 parts along 6 months, and with a bonus disc), and even SFIII scenario 1 was released in NA and Europe! In the end, happy to have enjoyed Fallout and IE at that time and thus being mainly a PC gamer, but still a bit angry how Sega did for SFIII and the Saturn as a whole. "thanks Sega"
  12. It would have been a nice thing for its 30 years release. Missed for 2 years. "C&C for the next generation" We're leaving them worse things than a polluted world, apparently. I suppose they will succeed to make C&C4 being a game which seems retrospectively "good" now. Just like the Star Wars movies.
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