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  1. I'd love to see a God of engineering and artifice. Whose temples are full of wonderous constructions and steampunk style environment. A bit like Gond from Forgotten Reamls This God could be the origin of Fireweapons and Bombs but also Watermills and other constructions. Mostly worshipped by smiths, engineeres, builders, inventors and everybody who builds something. I also like Dionysos-like Gods of Joy, Wine, Fertility... I think their celebration days must be a blast! :D
  2. Two of my favorite quests were in vampire bloodlines. the one in the hotel and the one with the prothesis guy who beats the "crap" out of you with a detached arm. they had a great atmosphere.
  3. I agree that the feeling of exploration was better in BG1. You just had that feeling of being somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Though a good middleway of areas would be great.
  4. I'm really not sure if I remember the Icons but I hope that powerful spells will have a little cutscene like the mechanus cannon from P:T. This spell was so freaking cool!!
  5. those characters we know are all companions ? I thought the swordsman guy plays an important role for the story and companions are completely optional... so doesn't that somehow... interfere ? and why does the monk look like david carradine from kung-fu ? XD ... aaaand back on topic. I'd like a cipher companion. Edit: ...and I hope the dwarfen ranger will be a companion. she looks cool!
  6. I think I will... hm... probably I will build 50 chars and play the first parts over and over again until I play further with one. most likely a female paladin... yo
  7. I liked the romances in BG2... or at least the way it was handled. since then party banter went all to "do a quest, get new talk options".
  8. actually I like the idea of the locked door. like okay you have the quest to go through the endless paths and find a locked door but the key was stolen but you find some hints. so you have to go out on a new quest to get the stolen key from a rogue or something like that... like a dungeon quest hub :D
  9. In the third update they said something about at least as many companions as classes... I wonder if they still stick with this :D
  10. In BG1 the companions had some funny things to say if you clicked them often... but yeah I'd like that too ^^
  11. hehe... the XP tied to quests makes the homicidal maniac path less appealing :D I remember when I played BG with a solo character wiping whole populations off the map hrhr... chaotic evil ftw
  12. Really cool update... I like how Necromancy isn't just summoning undead and evil and stuff but more a source of knowledge and moralwise neutral At first I wasn't sure what to think about the whole soul stuff but it starts getting interesting. In older RPGs I've been playing stamina was not only consumed by damage but for every physical action. So if a fight lasted long enough your Fighter could pass out just of exhaustion. Is Stamina in this case only a health indicator or does it have further use ?
  13. not a big fan of underground cities... crawling in dungeons is enough for me
  14. So does this mean we get the stronghold instead of the house or do we get a house first and later a stronghold ?
  15. hm... guns and gunpowder are older then the printing press so I'm not quite sure what's the difference to the real world.
  16. I somehow like Animal/Human Cross Races like Lizardmen or Minotaurs. It's something familiar but I don't think it's overused like Orcs and stuff... Dragonborn would also be cool.
  17. yay.. love the cipher class. still a little upset there's no bard. really like bards and I think their supportive abilities fit well to the party based combat. though buffs and stuff will probably be covered by priests. ...still....
  18. I just hope that there are some interesting non-combat or at least non damage spells... I know there's a lot of spells that don't do much sense in a PC game if it doesn't support the mechanics but spells like leomund's tiny hut, water walking, flying bla... there's just more to a mage than being a walking artillery and lately in games all a wizard could do was bomb the place...
  19. 29 First Game was Wizardry 7 (1992) Favorites: Baldur's Gate I&II Mass Effect 2 Planescape Torment Wizardry 7 Das Schwarze Auge: Sternenschweif Loved: DA:O and DA2 Mass Effect 1&3 Witcher 1&2 Arcanum Das Schwarze Auge: Schatten ├╝ber Riva Wizardry 8 KOTOR 1&2 Neverwinter Nights 1&2 Might & Magic 4,5,6 TES: Skyrim Gothic 1 Heck I love playing RPGs...
  20. Just upped my pledge. Feels like throwing money at the screen ^^ I'd join the Order as Black Wizard of the Obsidian Order
  21. Really like the Music so far though I hope there won't be a massive use of choirs in every song because I think that's a trend for scores lately. I'd like to have some brass heavy stuff with horns... maybe in a part where it's not all about souls because I think they give a warm, down to earth tune ^^ ...oh and just for fun some good old (ancient) midi tunes :D
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