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Kiril Pokrovsky, anyone?

He made the music for Divine Divinity and its sequel, Divinity II: Ego Draconis. Personally, never played the games, but I love listening to the soundtrack, as well as playing it during D&D sessions.


You can actually download the aforementioned soundtracks from his site.


Thanks for the link, the music of Ego Draconis was great.

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this guy here is p. awesome


That's Kai Rosenkranz, of Piranha Bytes fame. He is a freelancer now, but I think he would be too expensive. He's very talented.


Same with Jesper Kyd, who is my favourite. Probably wayyy over the budget for this project.

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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Ben Houge, I think the Arcanum soundtrack was a masterpiece - and it stands out because it's not the typical bombastic wagnerian fantasy stuff with choirs and whatnot... I don't get why people love the Skyrim bombast, and Dragon Age had nothing memorable to me. I loved the intimity of a real string quartet in Arcanum, and it's the only game music I ever burned on a CD to listen to on the stereo. That said, the Soundtrack of the two Neverwinter Nights expansions was really good too.


There's something just so haunting about the Arcanum soundtrack. And it just fit so perfectly with the Victorian-era/steampunk feel of the game.

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(Also where's your developer tag. *Kickstart* someone on monday for it )


Haha, you know, I've worked at Obsidian for almost three years, and I still have now idea how I could get one of those tags!


So now we know what to expect.


Now now, I didn't say that :) I just said it's my favorite game soundtrack of all time. April 2014 is a long way away...


Morrowind's soundtrack, in my opinion, was superior to both Oblivion's and Skyrim's.

The word you used, haunting, is a great description.

Soule also had a piece in KOTOR, "Dantooine" that I also thought really fit the mood well.

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After all the work he's done on the Fallouts and Torment, I think Mark Morgan would be great for this. But I also think the team know what they're doing and they'll pick the best man for the budget we provide. So you know what's our job here... ;)

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I'm putting in my vote for Jeremy Soule all the way. By far the best soundtrack for a game ever. The score for this is as good as the best work done for films. It gave such a magic feel to Icewind Dale. Between the art on that music the game will always be one of my favorites.

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I'm not against that at all - after all most composers still feel at home in multiple musical styles. Personally I'd love some Arcanum atmosphere, but that doesn't mean Ben Houge has to be hired to do it. I just hope it'll be more unique than the average wagnerian bombast you hear nowadays. Personally, the PE trailer was too much of it for me already. Which doesn't man it was bad, just not really what I'm hoping for.

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Mark Morgan would be a good choice. Jeremy Soule as well, although I feel his style is a bit too generic for Obsidian. I'd also put Inon Zur out there as a possibility - his work for Dragon Age: Origins isn't anything special outside of a couple themes, but he brought some serious AAA work (IMO) to Dragon Age II as well as both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


Lastly, I loved the music Mark Griskey did for The Sith Lords so if he's available, I'd be happy to see him turn up as well.


EDIT: I'm unfamiliar with Justin Bell, so I can't speak to his credentials but if Obsidian thinks he's the right man for the job, I have faith that they'll make a strong choice.

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Justin's music in the pitch video is excellent. He should do the music for the game.


And Mark Morgan is not the right choice for this game imo. He has more of a steampunk/post apocalyptic style... At least from what I have heard.


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I'm rooting for Justin Bell. :)


I agree. His work on the Kickstarter video gives me goosebumps every time.


I feel the same way. I know having Mister Morgan would be fantastic, but for me it's more like a nostalgic dream. Mister Bell did great job, so why not let him spread his wings? :)

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Seems like a no brainer to me.


The trailer music was plenty great, there's clearly talent in house. If he wants the job, let him have it!

If not, Soule, Morgan or Zur would be my favourites, but there's really no need to go spend more money than necessary.

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