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  1. That's very disappointing to hear, and agreed that calling something a "Collector's Edition" implies exclusivity. Definitely not fair to those of you who put more money down for something special that anybody can pick up off of Amazon now.
  2. Loranc, thanks for all your work with this, it made the countdown much more enjoyable! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  3. Welcome on board! The numbers keep skyrocketing, we're only $40k or so away including Paypal.
  4. Yeah, in the last half hour we've gone up $37k. We're going to pass $3.9 on KS alone, if not the whole $4m, I think.
  5. Since Loranc is off to work, I'll jump in for this one, hope you don't mind L! Lastest Palpal info as of 5:21: That puts us at $3,912,264 with 74,211 backers, an increase of 22,424 and 1,097 backers in about an hour. YOU GOING DOWN, $4M!
  6. Kickstarter keeps dropping the total by about $50,000 off and on. If KS crashes, the campaign should be extended.
  7. They're doing shots for every $50,000 that comes in, I believe. They started with Smores Vodka shots.
  8. ...er, the live stream is here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/project-eternity-live-stream
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