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  1. To many games do this with some stupid alignment metre along side your character screen, I know wether my character is good or evil without that, the morality and the choices should be there but no light/dark side please.
  2. Im all for this, completely offensive magic is quite boring in any game to me, and using the melee and raged classes this way as well as to not leave them out is a great idea.
  3. I think a pub would be great, Inn more like, with an upstairs living quarter for your MC, as long as its relevant to the story, say your become knighted and given land in the story of the game, and get some land with a fort on it, or somehow acquire said pub, just make it mean something, not just like, heres a house have fun.
  4. I would like the dealine to be flexible regardless, more like, 2014 and leave it at that, or just TBC.
  5. There are a quite a few pen and paper RPG fantasy games without using elves/dwarves,etc, The connan pen and paper RPG doesn't for example. Then you have a bazillion fantasy books that does not have elves/dwarves/dragons..etc but, are still considered a traditional fantasy setting. You make a good point, I didnt explain myself enough, in the context of this game and being up to 4 or 5 races now, i cant see Dwarven of Elven being left out, if it was one or two races, sure they could be differing humanoids or Faction specific, and I feel that is kind of waht Obsidian are aiming at, a pen and paper mature setting throwback style RPG.
  6. In the form of Elven Corsairs or Dwarven Seafarers, a faction, relevant to the game, I say why not!, but no blackbeard wannabe's or Cap'n Jack Sparrow's.
  7. Inn would work the best, Fortress may be too much?, maybe something like, human normalish house, elven, tree dwelling, dwarven stone caveish style dwelling would be interesting
  8. This sums it up pretty well for me, you have quite a few options to take.
  9. Difference in opinion here might come from play style, some people can rush through a game in 7 10 hours that it may take someone else 40 50 to complete, I myself like to explore every little nook and crannie while some just want the fastest route to the end.
  10. I think the poll results speak for itself, scaling would be a huge turnoff.
  11. How do you make a traditional RPG without including these staples. They may be dressed up and made original and different, but if they were taken out id be far less interested for one.
  12. I really do hope it affects and revolutionizes on a large scale, but sadly companies like Obsidian and Gamers interested in these type of projects are the minority these days.
  13. In a project like this id much rather narration with awesome immersive art work rather then wasting the budget on ridiculous cinematics.
  14. A novel, written by the right person would have me pledging more, this is a great idea.
  15. I dont want to be racing the clock on quest, but time of day specific interests me.
  16. Please no, not in any way shape or form, I feel the implement of achievements takes away form the sense of achievement, i remember doing things in games cause I wanted to not to get 15 or 20 points for it.
  17. The Japanese swords like the Katana, and such, aren't really what I meant because you do see those far too often as well. Think about things you don't see, are Japanese weapons something you actually rarely saw? I definitely meant ancient cultures like the ancient Sumerian and further back, or the the ancient South Americans. The Ancient middle east is a good one though, and I'm glad you brought that up. They had some outright lovely looking stuff. Im all for a bit of eastern influence, maybe through a faction to make it believable and interesting.
  18. Maybe not accesible at an early level, but after a discovery of the skills necesary to craft and work one, to higher lvl ranged characters.
  19. While im happy the game is primarily a single player and have no problem with that, I would like the choice to log in with a mate and have some fun together, nothing more then that, I dont hope for this to turn into and MMO at all.
  20. The more customization and individualization i could give my character the better, I am sick to death of the choose warrior > choose heavy or medium armour spec > choose 1h and shield or 2h style, I would love to pick my race, model my character and let the adventure start, and have him grow as he levels up into whatever I want him to be.
  21. Hard realism, if the game is going to be marketed at the mature, make it mature.
  22. Definately not, it wouldnt really add anything to the game at all in my opinion.
  23. I want it to be hard, I want it to be challenging and call for some use of intellect, but unlike the 90's I do have a life and a career now and couldnt spend countless hours on the game progressing through content, so in a way not as hardcore as some of the 90's rpgs, but a throwback to them definitely, I do not mind death coming at a penalty and actually like the idea of having to cure and heal yourself and party members up, but definitely do not want to be constantly wiping cause the content is just ridiculously hard for the sake of it.
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