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  1. Got my CE today, everything is in good condition (it was available at the post office on Saturday evening but I noticed it too late). Thanks for Obsidian and Shipnaked for help in receiving tracking number.
  2. Same here, signed CE, no items, no tracking information, "Shipping Soon" in backer profile. I've wrote to support, but got no answer yet.
  3. This should already be covered by writers as they are expected to address different endings for Eder including the ending with his strengthened faith.
  4. I'll add that on Character Creation screen or on Level Up screen you can zoom-in the character. Then character hands may appear in the black (actually, almost black with blurry background) area to the right because of idle moving (posing).
  5. Well, I guess for the main playthrough I'd have something like: Main char - Wizard Eder - Fighter (but I would much like to multiclass him as priest of Eothas to became cleric) Aloth - Spellblade Pallegina - Paladin (not sure what subclass will be available for my game) Xoti - pure Priest if it is possible. Not very interested in others though I'll try Fassina as fury Sorcerer.
  6. So Eder can become a high-ranking Eothasian at the end of the PoE and can't multiclass as a priest of Eothas in Deadfire? Weird.
  7. Previous beta saves are not intended to be visible. It is OK.
  8. Stacking rules as described in the game journal are rather simple and easy to understand (though I don't know whether they are implemented for all abilities right now). They are the following: "All passive bonuses stack with each other. Active bonuses (from spells, items, abilities including modals that must be activates) use the highest bonus to a statistic". Active and passive stack.
  9. You can move once (full sail) or twice (half sail) and you have different number of actions depending on (I guess) captain rank. The tooltip is correct, with more experienced crew you can move 100 or 120 m.
  10. 1. Crafting menu in ultrawide has incorrect scrolling bar. https://i.imgur.com/CbQtQDv.jpg 2. Unrecognized ship combat action. It may be the result of the destroyed sails of enemy ship. This action was taken by AI several times, it didn't try to sail away, turn or shoot. https://i.imgur.com/SXPqAYX.jpg 3. After boarding there is no ability to loot the corpses, the "Loot recovered" menu is also empty. There is loot reward for sinking the ship. 4. All menus during boarding (main menu, interface menu, etc.) have graphic artefacts. https://i.imgur.com/DYGwb9B.jpg 5. (possible bu
  11. https://i.imgur.com/ekCI3IQ.jpg Deck fire notification https://i.imgur.com/MERQa8W.jpg Sail fire notification https://i.imgur.com/w0MEfZ3.jpg Torn sails notification https://i.imgur.com/z1Wfyt0.jpg Flooding notification https://i.imgur.com/pNFCCZZ.jpg Ramming tooltip (two missing strings) https://i.imgur.com/yEK8u9r.jpg Board tooltip
  12. It seems to me there is some bug with Marux Amanth or some hidden game update. Some time ago I was able to unlock two first levels of it. Right now if I am loading a game with unupgraded item I see the same "All soulbound upgrades are completed". So I can't say for sure what was the first requirement but it was something like "Kill 3 Kith with the Marux Amanth to unlock the next level". Or 5 Kith. This will give you the Corona of Soul and some abilities (see screenshot). On the next level you need to kill 15 Kith (and that saved game is working correctly). This will give you the Worthy Sacrif
  13. 1. Strange behaviour of Cloak of Deflection on Mercenary Wizard (and some other characters, but not on my main wizard) 2. Save Menu on the global map does not prevent appearing of the encounter hints when mouse-over. 3. When saving on the global map and then loading the portrait of the main character changes to another. 4. Something has enough experience to level up at Hohina Ravine (centered on it) 5. The dead body at Engwithan Waystation Level Two has vision when party is in the sneak mode 6. All ship resources doesn't have icons. 7. Cruelty and Curious doesn't
  14. 1. Dialogue with Broodmother at Hohina Ravine 2. Dialogue with Himuihi 3. Dialogue with Teana 4. Dialogue with Vektor (hiring) 5. Mercenary Fighter level up screen 6. Two Weapon Style description on fighter level up 7. Text encounter at Sunepu Beach 8. Text encounter at Boa Hika Pass (3 hints) 9. Text encounter at Wind-swept Shrine (3 hints)
  15. The problem is that "kill" means "make killing blow", not "make some damage contributing to killing by whole party". This essentially means that the one with such soulbound weapon should remain alone for each enemy he wants to kill while the rest of the party does nothing (except occasional healing) not to steal the kill. That would be true if combat were sparse. and I am pretty sure the example I gave was from a two handed sword. The more "supprty" weapons had other requirements. This is correct for the soulbound items that are available more or less early in the game. If you are i
  16. What's the level of broodmother suggested by Joe? It's around 9? According to bestiary, it's level 10.
  17. The problem is that "kill" means "make killing blow", not "make some damage contributing to killing by whole party". This essentially means that the one with such soulbound weapon should remain alone for each enemy he wants to kill while the rest of the party does nothing (except occasional healing) not to steal the kill.
  18. I'd say that if a word "корабль" or "судно" is used in a constant string it can be changed without problems. Also I'd mark only ship's name with a color. For example, <player_shipname> fires its cannons at <enemy_shipname>. The crew of <enemy_shipname> braces for impact as <playershipname> rams into the hull. may be localized as Корабль "<player_shipname>" стреляет из пушек по кораблю "<enemy_shipname>". Команда корабля "<enemy_shipname>" готовится к столкновению с идущим на таран кораблем "<playershipname>". and then displayed to the play
  19. I disagree. It is quite possible to create bodybuilding wizard in the new system by investing points in both Strength and Resolve. On the other hand in the previous system in was mechanically impossible to create a wizard with good damage output without also making him a bodybuilder because it was a combined stat.
  20. Ah, I see, thanks. It is somewhat counterintuitive: for a mere Accuracy penalty I'm getting both more damage (from one hand and from another) per attack and more attacks. They are not working in the current build as well.
  21. To be fair the new system is much more engaging both mechanically and from roleplaying perspective. Wizards can still invest in Strength if they use conjured weapons or orbs (like Kalakoth's Blights).
  22. 1. Character creation, level up and character screen attribute descriptions. Some words are autotagged wrong: 2. Character creation. Pale elf face is absent: 3. User interface and options. When selecting Solid HUD in options the UI is made of different parts. When deselecting Solid HUD in options the UI is one block: 4. Level up screen. It is possible to get wrong numbers (UI only, real numbers are not changed) when using Previous button. Example: - selecting Athletics and Diplomacy skills (screen 1a) - clicking Next till summary screen (screen 1b), Athletics and Diplom
  23. Characters are no longer bald in the after hiding a hat.
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