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  1. Project Eternity is on the list http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/what-classic-rpg-sequel-or-spiritual-successor-are-you-most-looking-forward-too.452936066/
  2. Actually, I think I'd appreciate some quiet time. It's nice to have some rest after all this excitement. And I think the devs need to take some rest from us too.
  3. I say, don't feed the troll, guys. If he doesn't believe in honesty, that's his problem. Now that KS is over, Obsidian will be able to see who has pledged and how much.
  4. Aaahh, no, no, no. What's wrong with inventory having weight? Makes complete sense for me.
  5. The more money for the game, the better. I certainly would love to have an opportunity to donate more when the kickstarter ends, even if I don't get an extra reward for that.
  6. I suggest you read Update #5 (http://www.kickstart...ty/posts/312639), they explained the guns and general level of technology there. Medieval period lasted until 16th century, so the guns were there. Initially, I was against the idea too, but now they have explained it, it looks much better. Moreover, the guns won't be too common, more like rare and exotic stuff.
  7. More like arquebuses and muskets of 15-17th centuries. But yeah, slow and primitive.
  8. I like this idea. They don't have to be comic, but singing bards in the game is a nice touch and adds to the atmosphere. Actually, I liked Skyrim bards too and liked that they sang different versions of the song depending on what side the city belonged to.
  9. Well, it's really too soon to tell. We don't know if they are zombies, and if they are, mindless undead are not mutually exclusive with intelligent ones.
  10. Great update! Nice to recognize Cadegund, Edair and the dwarven girl on the art. I found it funny how one of the creatures is pulling Cadegund by that 'curtain' dangling from her waist. Shows how impractical these things are on the armor.
  11. Definitely yes. I've always loved the verbal component of spells. And I like when the process of casting requires some effort (for the character, of course, not the player).
  12. Really love the music. Reminds me of PS:T without copying it. This is just great. Justin Bell should really be the composer for this game.
  13. I'm not worried that this might ""wreck"" the game. It's just that, the developers have already shown that they trust us, and I think we should trust them back, not add to the pressure. Exactly. When I initially read there would be guns, my first thought was "oh no, not guns." But then they explained it, and now I'm absolutely fine with that idea.
  14. This. Seriously. I've been visiting this forum every day since PE kickstarter was launched, and today I just don't recognize it. I'm saddened not by Obsidian's decisions, but by people's reaction to them. We still know too little about the game to draw any conclusions. And even if we don't like something - well, so be it. We all have our opinions and preferences, but this is Obsidian's game, not ours. Let them make it the way they want it to be.
  15. I must say, I'm quite surprised about all these threads about better stretch goals and better KS strategies. PE Kickstarter is far from over and, in my opinion, it's doing really great. We have 2 more weeks to go and it's almost at 200% already. If it's not a success then what is.
  16. I think they have shown repeatedly that they trust the fans and rely on their support. For me, previous stretch goals were absolutely fine and I'm sure they'll come up with some new ones in a couple of days.
  17. Honestly, I'd rather wait a year longer than deal with DLC stuff. It'd be great if they could make the game perfect on release. But it's not going to happen. At some point they will have to release the game or they'll run out of funds. Release will bring in more funds. What's wrong with using those funds to create more content? I prefer to have faith in them. I'm sure they are capable of delivering an excellent game within reasonable time. And I dislike the very notion of DLC because it always has that feel of a) rushed release (exactly what we want to avoid); b) withheld content; c) desire to rip off players.
  18. It's really up to them to decide. But I certainly don't mind waiting. Honestly, I'd rather wait a year longer than deal with DLC stuff.
  19. I would like to play such a game. Seriously, that's a great idea. Certainly not for PE, but for a completely different game I think it can work.
  20. For me, the main problem is not the armor itself, but how she is gonna fire her gun with her armor-clad fingers.
  21. I don't mind encountering vampires/werewolves or other similar beings in the game (would be interesting to meet them as allies, not enemies), but I wouldn't want the PC to be one of them. Anyway, need to know more about the setting. Right now I'm not sure they'll fit in.
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