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  1. Just finished it. Thank you for an excellent game. I'm glad to have been able to contribute.
  2. I guess the bonus is applied, I just didn't know where to look. Thanks.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. There is no indication that the constant recovery modifier is applied - or how much it is for that matter.
  4. Mmm, I have completed it siding with Verzano, but that was by taking the conversation option leading to killing Dana already when she accosted me in the inn rather than fighting her back at his place, so not really relevant to this bug report, but it is a way of completing the quest without siding with the Doemenel, Actually that may be worth a try. I keep my older saves and if this is not fixed with the upcoming patch, I may just do it this way. Thanks for letting us know!
  5. I also encountered this bug today. I'll stop playing for a while until they hopefully fix it.
  6. Probably going with GoG since I have all the Infinity Engine games on it. Plus I think it kind of fits better among the rest of the good old games. Still, Steam's autoupdate is tempting.
  7. It is all the same to me. I wouldn't be installing the game from the physical copy anyway - I'm keeping that nice and unopened. I would be perfectly fine with waiting for the disc to arrive at a later date.
  8. Cool update. Nice to see these creatures in motion. Also a digital download of the documentary is even better for me.
  9. The rogue sounds (and looks) great. I'd like to learn more about my front-liners next, please
  10. I believe it already happened, and I got the impression that RPS will post it today. I don't know if they'll unveil what it is exactly, though.
  11. I voted yes. I only wish the additional content we'd be funding now to be added to the main game and not the expansion we'll be waiting for after the game is released, though it doesn't matter that much, really.
  12. What a great update. The taking of prisoners sounds so cool. You know I had my doubts during the KS about how much good a stronghold would be but all of this sounds amazing. Thanks!
  13. Just watched the update. Amazing stuff. Congrats to everyone on the team. Excellent work. Can't wait to see more!
  14. Interesting update, thanks! I find the idea of the ciphers focusing their powers really interesting. Looking forward to the next update.
  15. I don't care about further stretch goals. Just make the game bigger and better.
  16. No, I would rather have an ending. This is (as far as I understand) a story-driven game. There wouldn't be much point to continuing after its story has ended.
  17. I thought it was an interesting way to increase the amount of money pledged to the cause, and wasn't interested in any reward. When the custom titles came along, I thought sure, why not. Mentioning the order in the game is beyond awesome. I think we've got enough.
  18. Yup. I'll increase my pledge after I get paid again sometime next month.
  19. Naturally the game would reach a larger audience if there were more languages. I just got the following response from Feargus on the KS page, so that would be great for any group willing to put in the work and translate the game into other languages:
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