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  1. Aww, saw your edit. But I still want to recommend the Seasonic Focus+ Platinum line of PSU's. I mean, it's just a PSU but it's still an amazing piece of tech. Completely silent until needed, small form factor (relatively) and powerful (mine is 750W). Kind of costly but worth it, in my opinion. It's called the Seasonic SSR-750PX Review: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-psus,4229.html#section-best-psu-up-to-750-watts
  2. Ok, a few hours later: the game is good. This is just up my alley, although I haven't even done the second main quest yet because it's fun just drifting around and shooting things.
  3. Because I'm cheap and Epic was the cheapest (got it on another site but turned out to be an Epic key for $50).
  4. So I went and bought The Outer Worlds. Still installing. **** Epic Games Store. That is all.
  5. Well, to be honest, I've never been so close to pirating a game as I was with this title. I really want to support Obsidian but at the same time I hate the decision to exclude certain stores just to get more money (more money for the publisher, less options for the consumer). In the end I caved and bought it from Epic. Still ****ing pissed though. Semi-exclusivity in the PC space. Unbelievable.
  6. Well, this might be the dumbest argument yet, congratulations. So what you're saying is that by limiting player choice in choosing which platform to shop on, it's somehow giving developers more choice where they can sell their games? How on earth did you come to this conclusion? Epic Games Store takes a smaller cut than Steam (12% vs 30%). This means Epic could have chosen to use pricing as an advantage for their store (they could sell the games cheaper while still giving publishers/developers as much money as Steam does). But instead they chose to keep (or even raise!) the prices for the end consumer (meaning you and me) and opted for limiting the options the consumer have (using exclusivity). Exclusivity is something that is completely delusional in the PC space and will only manage to increase pirating again. No-one loves Steam just for being Steam, most of us just don't appreciate being bullied into choosing a platform to purchase from.
  7. So.. the first time in 10+ years I've gone with Nvidia again (since AMD hasn't released anything competitive in the upper echelon of GPU's) and my GPU died on me. It was an ASUS GTX 1080Ti Turbo.. and it cost something like $800+ (don't actually remember). It didn't even last two years. Luckily it's still under warranty so I just sent it back to the store. My old AMD card is still running without problems in my cousin's computer and that's twice as old. I dislike everything about Nvidia except the performance. The way they make proprietary hardware (G-Sync) to raise the prices, the way they make you log into ****ing Facebook for their GPU drivers, the way their drivers are HALF A ****ING GIGABYTE that you need to update twice per month, the way they always make new technology locked to their own hardware (RTX, hairworks, etc).. and the absolutely ****ty quality their third party manufacturers have to build to try to keep their prices below at least $1000. I can't wait for AMD to get back into the top end GPU segment. Holy ****.
  8. I played a paladin wayyy back in the beta days, when paladin was actually fun to play. You had a few attack options and a few defense options, but they all relied on the same mana pool. That meant that if you were too offensive, you would die. If you weren't offensive enough the fight lasted forever. It was great fun trying to balance that. Also, the combat felt instantaneous and fun. Then the game released properly and they changed paladin into a "sit and wait for the progress bar to finish" type of character. They removed all actively used skills/spells and instead gave everything huge cooldown times. Totally killed the class for me. I switched to rogue and had fun with that until they released all those stupid expansions and I quit (I actually quit when they released that expansion where you entered some kind of portal and ended up in space or something.. might even have been the first). I would love to give it a try, but.. at full subscription price? No thanks.
  9. Ok, so I have to recommend a program called "DRAM Calculator for Ryzen". It's a crappily translated program where you fill in your current memory timings and your goal timings and the program calculates what all the more obscure settings should be. It takes into account what kind of RAM sticks you have (so you need to know this beforehand) and it is kind of complicated, but it really does work. I lowered my timings from this: To this: Worked perfectly on first try. Source: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-dram-calculator/
  10. So Obsidian got money to force us to have a worse experience with their game. How's that for greed? No consideration for the customer, just money. That's the only thing they care about.
  11. Not at all. Praising pirates is actually exactly what I expected from these people. On a game developer's board..
  12. What the hell brought on that "measured" response? I was just trying to help someone who suffered issues that seemed similar to the ones I had with that game way back when. I know there were DRM issues with the disc version of TW1 because I suffered them. Loading screens would take forever because the game would check the disc on each loading screen (which would require the disc to spin up, usually since all the actual game data was on the hard drive), if it couldn't access the disc fast enough it would time out and crash the game (CTD). Whether or not one would experience those issues of course depended heavily on the disc drive used, but given the mention of slow loading times I figured this might have been the issue. The digital versions obviously didn't suffer the issue due to there being no disc check DRM, for extremely obvious reasons. But that's just your anecdotal evidence, it is required to post every time the same articles, over and over and over and over to stay relevant, else you'll be called out on bull****ting... /sarcasm off The most probable outcome of all his zealous comments about every single mention of DRM is investment in Denuvo development or stock. With the exception of mkreku, even the biggest DRM proponents, I've seen, have no issues to acknowledge some DRM flaws or hickups. I've never seen him saying something like that, he immediately jumps to attacks and evidence requesting, despite loads and loads of legit benchmarks were linked here in past few months... You actually hit the point on the head without understanding the meaning of the word sarcasm. Hilarious. I agree! You DO post the same articles over and over and over again, that's almost the definition of anecdotal evidence! You have a handful of examples, from cracking groups nonetheless, who have an agenda in showing how evil the DRM/anti-tamper companies are, showing their findings about how much DRM destroys SSD's (do you guys still believe that too btw?), how every framerate issue is connected to DRM, how every crash is obviously the fault of DRM (because reasons, no proof needed, no knowledge of programming needed), how.. what was it Tages was accused of? Stealing your credit card number? Who gives a ****, it's been debunked ages ago. No-one likes DRM/anti-tamper because (like any code ever in the history of the world) it has an impact on performance and it's an annoyance. But this anti-vax-like movement blaming everything evil in the world on DRM, based on decade old debunked reports and pirate group anecdotal evidence is just so stupid. I am anti-stupid if anything. When game developers move on from Denuvo/DRM/whatever is the next-great-evil because it takes 25% of the performance, I'll stand on the barricades against it. Until then I'm not interested in joining your little feces-slinging tribe.
  13. About as much hyperbole as saying someone who calls out annoying uninformed bs as a "proDRM", right? Oh, and "I have so much evidence! So much! I just don't want to show it to you" is getting old. Change the record or shut up.
  14. Not a bad rig. When I built my ITX I was thinking about an RTX card, but the prices.. Even if I can afford it, I would feel so ripped off. Can't wait for AMD to get back in the game so Nvidia gets some high-end competition again.
  15. You made the claim, how about you present the evidence? Instead of spewing your pirate propaganda.. on a game developer forum, nonetheless.
  16. Or.. these developers implemented Denuvo poorly. Or are you suggesting Denuvo has a 25% performance hit every time?
  17. Also did you know world hunger is caused by DRM? Also Aids.
  18. I just bought Far Cry 5 because someone here was playing and enjoying it. Got it for under $30 so it was OK. Still downloading.
  19. I don't have a 1080ti so don't know if it's different than 980ti but ... did you install Experience? I tried it once to try Shadowplay. Hated the overlays. Hated the forced "profile" installing/installed game checking without asking. Hated everything about it even after tweaking tons of settings . Uninstalled it. Much better. To be honest.. I'm not sure, but I think yes. IT'S SO ANNOYING!! Whyyy do I need a login with some sort of game interface that gives really stupid settings suggestions for my games, keeps popping up messages in my system tray, needs to update like twice a week (and so big update files!!) just to have a graphics driver?? And the interface for updating the drivers.. omg. I think the reason I installed the Geforce Experience was that I couldn't figure out how to update the drivers without it. I actually had to go to the Nvidia homepage and download an entire new set of drivers every time I wanted to update. And the drivers don't say when there are updates, only the Geforce Experience crap does this. For so many years I've been reading Nvidia people trash talk the bad drivers of AMD cards. Holy ****ing **** were they wrong. Holy. ****ing. ****.
  20. You can check this yourself. A CPU that has a high TDP (Thermal Design Profile) will be tougher to cool. Lower is better (in this case). The AMD Ryzen 5 2600E is (up to) 4GHz under a 45W TDP. That will be pretty easy to cool. The Intel Corei9-9990XE is also 4GHz (stock) but has a 255W TDP. It's a small super nova, impossible to cool.
  21. Finally built a new rig. I actually bought my last motherboard in 2008. It was a HEDT motherboard (it had some of the first USB3 and SATA3 connections on it) and it's hold up extremely well for 10-11 years. Amazing really. Same with my GPU, a R9 290X that was still viable today. Great stuff. The main reason I built a new rig was not for performance (although that is also nice), but for space. My old big tower was too ugly and too large. This time I built an ITX: Case: Kolink Satellite Plus. Very cheap, very stylish (clean, almost Danish design) and very versatile. Fits full sized PSU's and GPU's (less than 280 mm) despite being only 12.7 litres. Everything is so well thought out, from rubber studs for the hard drives to the cable management inside the case. I'm really impressed by it. PSU: Seasonic FOCUS+ 750W. Test winner, quite expensive but completely silent under 300W (all the time except when gaming) and modifiable. Not a single cable is wasted. I figured that instead of getting a SSF sized PSU for the same amount of money, I would get the best ATX instead. I think it paid off. Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING. Yeah, I got the B450 instead of the X470. I figured since it's an ITX I wouldn't need the overclocking abilities of the X470 chipset (basically the only difference), but the cooling I got is so effective I actually think I got OC headroom. Oh well. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. 8 cores at 4.3 GHz and 105W. It's powerful, it's a lot less power hungry than my old Intel Core i7 970 and it's.. amazing. GPU: ASUS Geforce GTX 1080Ti Turbo. Went Nvidia again after being an AMD fanboy for 10 years. Love the performance, hate the drivers (annoying overlays in games and two different programs, one with a login, just to update drivers, 0.5+GB every time). Second hand but almost brand new, I got lucky and got it cheap. RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (2x16) 3600MHz DDR4. They're.. colourful. Also fast (CL17) and overclockable. Cooling: Corsair Hydro H75 v2. It's 120mm fan size but with two fans in a sandwich formation. Crazy effective, lowered my CPU temps by 10C idle and 20+C gaming. It's so effective that it lowered all case temperatures because it pulls in lots of cool air while pushing hot air out the backside. Also, it only wheezes when gaming. SSD: Samsung 970 Evo 1TB M.2. So fast, 3500/2500 MB/s read/write. I had a SATA3 SSD before and the difference is huge. Start-up is like.. 5 seconds or something equally crazy. Storage HD: HGST Deskstar 4TB 7200rpm 64MB SATA3. It's the only thing I kept from my old rig. Built like a tank, will probably never die. Quite noisy though.. The headset on top is a Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset. Got it in a sale for half price. Quite happy with it. Next step is getting a new screen. The one I got is a 27" 2560x1440 60Hz MVA. I want a 27"+ 2560x1440 144Hz IPS with HDR support. Didn't find the right one yet (eyeing the Samsung C32HG70 though).
  22. The only legendary animal that gave me trouble in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey was a violently farting pig.
  23. After buying an OLED TV I now want OLED on everything.
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