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  1. Well, I bought this game.. that was a mistake. Played it for about an hour before the bugs/general level of unfinishedness overwhelmed me. I'm hoping Cyberpunk 2077 has a similar journey as The Witcher 3 did, but so many systems seem to be missing or are so deeply broken that I have a difficult time keeping my hopes up. Still, I'm gonna wait for patches before I jump back in. Lots of patches. At least give me my modifiable cars, dammit!!
  2. I actually downloaded Genshin Impact yesterday since everyone's talking about it (yes, even your grandma). Not sure what to think yet. Production values are super high but I get this foreboding feeling from the entire game that it's only done to make you get sucked in so deep that whenever the micro transactions appear, you're bound to spend hundreds just to keep up. So far it's been very enjoyable though, not gonna lie. I mean.. you get a wingsuit ten minutes in, in a city designed to be vertical. That alone had me giggling and jumping off buildings for ten minutes straight.
  3. It still annoys me that MCA got a bad professional rep because of an accusation. At first I was also upset so I read up about it. Apparently the woman accusing him had been bought drinks by MCA on some convention (her accusation, "on the company card"), she followed him to his hotel room and he made a move on her (in her words, "even though I looked younger than I was", to somehow implicate that he went for minors). She turned him down, he stopped and that's it. End of story. I also saw some of the messages he had sent to various women. They were not pretty. But they were also not illegal
  4. Maybe it's an old one and everyone has already played it, but.. I recently started playing ATOM: RPG and I must say I've been having a blast so far. It's an isometric (but 3D), turn-based RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Russia that's quite dialogue and skill-check heavy, in a good way. It's made by a Russian indie team so expect a lot of typos and syntactic errors, but it's still a well-written game with lots of unexpected dialogue, descriptions and humour. It very much resembles the old Fallout games (1 & 2), even down to using the same (I presume) font for conversations. A good s
  5. Hey @Mikey Dowling, now that Microsoft owns the Fallout franchise, do you think it's possible you'll get to make another spin-off in that universe?
  6. I have to drag someone down with me, might as well be a Finn.
  7. Holy crap: https://wccftech.com/microsoft-has-acquired-bethesda-and-all-its-ips-from-elder-scrolls-to-doom/ Does this mean Obsidian gets a shot at Fallout again??
  8. Been playing Generation Zero for a while now. I know, I know, the game was blasted by reviewers and players for being repetitive, empty and dull. And it kinda is. But I bought it on the recommendation of one of my cousins and it didn't click for me for a year or so (I only tried it a handful of times). But recently I decided to start it up again and it has grown on me. It's still repetitive and empty, but for some reason I'm having fun with it. It's more a walking simulator than a shooter though. Anyhow, I just thought the views in this game can be kinda pretty. It's a good representation
  9. How on earth do you become a fanboy of a faceless brand? Why not just do yourself a favour and purchase whatever is the best at the moment of purchase? Right now the overwhelming majority of tech experts recommend Ryzen, your fanboing won't change that. I just recently switched from Intel to AMD myself. It's not that difficult, I promise.
  10. Party based RPG's are only fun for people who like to play with dolls Isometric was a necessity of the time and is completely obsolete nowadays Bioware had writing that worked on nerds the same way Twilight worked on young girls: it was still **** Turn based games were made for people who can't think fast, and call it "strategic" to feel clever Fight me
  11. I'm still very happy with my Ryzen 2700X. After tweaking my RAM timings (3600MHz, Cl15!) and overclocking it 10%, and still keeping thermals under control (admittedly using watercooling), I can't be anything but impressed. I was thinking about upgrading to a 3800X for a while, but.. there's really no need. Maybe when Gen 4 comes along..
  12. Well, Bioware didn't exactly put the bar high with their "miniature giant space hamster" writing. I'm sure their humour will be more than adequate.
  13. Some leaked screenshots: https://wccftech.com/baldurs-gate-3-screenshots-leaked-ahead-of-the-gameplay-reveal/ Looks great, to be honest.
  14. Aww, saw your edit. But I still want to recommend the Seasonic Focus+ Platinum line of PSU's. I mean, it's just a PSU but it's still an amazing piece of tech. Completely silent until needed, small form factor (relatively) and powerful (mine is 750W). Kind of costly but worth it, in my opinion. It's called the Seasonic SSR-750PX Review: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-psus,4229.html#section-best-psu-up-to-750-watts
  15. Ok, a few hours later: the game is good. This is just up my alley, although I haven't even done the second main quest yet because it's fun just drifting around and shooting things.
  16. Because I'm cheap and Epic was the cheapest (got it on another site but turned out to be an Epic key for $50).
  17. So I went and bought The Outer Worlds. Still installing. **** Epic Games Store. That is all.
  18. Well, to be honest, I've never been so close to pirating a game as I was with this title. I really want to support Obsidian but at the same time I hate the decision to exclude certain stores just to get more money (more money for the publisher, less options for the consumer). In the end I caved and bought it from Epic. Still ****ing pissed though. Semi-exclusivity in the PC space. Unbelievable.
  19. Well, this might be the dumbest argument yet, congratulations. So what you're saying is that by limiting player choice in choosing which platform to shop on, it's somehow giving developers more choice where they can sell their games? How on earth did you come to this conclusion? Epic Games Store takes a smaller cut than Steam (12% vs 30%). This means Epic could have chosen to use pricing as an advantage for their store (they could sell the games cheaper while still giving publishers/developers as much money as Steam does). But instead they chose to keep (or even raise!) the prices fo
  20. So.. the first time in 10+ years I've gone with Nvidia again (since AMD hasn't released anything competitive in the upper echelon of GPU's) and my GPU died on me. It was an ASUS GTX 1080Ti Turbo.. and it cost something like $800+ (don't actually remember). It didn't even last two years. Luckily it's still under warranty so I just sent it back to the store. My old AMD card is still running without problems in my cousin's computer and that's twice as old. I dislike everything about Nvidia except the performance. The way they make proprietary hardware (G-Sync) to raise the prices,
  21. I played a paladin wayyy back in the beta days, when paladin was actually fun to play. You had a few attack options and a few defense options, but they all relied on the same mana pool. That meant that if you were too offensive, you would die. If you weren't offensive enough the fight lasted forever. It was great fun trying to balance that. Also, the combat felt instantaneous and fun. Then the game released properly and they changed paladin into a "sit and wait for the progress bar to finish" type of character. They removed all actively used skills/spells and instead gave everything huge
  22. Ok, so I have to recommend a program called "DRAM Calculator for Ryzen". It's a crappily translated program where you fill in your current memory timings and your goal timings and the program calculates what all the more obscure settings should be. It takes into account what kind of RAM sticks you have (so you need to know this beforehand) and it is kind of complicated, but it really does work. I lowered my timings from this: To this: Worked perfectly on first try. Source: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-dram-calculator/
  23. So Obsidian got money to force us to have a worse experience with their game. How's that for greed? No consideration for the customer, just money. That's the only thing they care about.
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