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  1. Not at all. Praising pirates is actually exactly what I expected from these people. On a game developer's board..
  2. What the hell brought on that "measured" response? I was just trying to help someone who suffered issues that seemed similar to the ones I had with that game way back when. I know there were DRM issues with the disc version of TW1 because I suffered them. Loading screens would take forever because the game would check the disc on each loading screen (which would require the disc to spin up, usually since all the actual game data was on the hard drive), if it couldn't access the disc fast enough it would time out and crash the game (CTD). Whether or not one would experience those issues of co
  3. About as much hyperbole as saying someone who calls out annoying uninformed bs as a "proDRM", right? Oh, and "I have so much evidence! So much! I just don't want to show it to you" is getting old. Change the record or shut up.
  4. Not a bad rig. When I built my ITX I was thinking about an RTX card, but the prices.. Even if I can afford it, I would feel so ripped off. Can't wait for AMD to get back in the game so Nvidia gets some high-end competition again.
  5. You made the claim, how about you present the evidence? Instead of spewing your pirate propaganda.. on a game developer forum, nonetheless.
  6. Or.. these developers implemented Denuvo poorly. Or are you suggesting Denuvo has a 25% performance hit every time?
  7. Also did you know world hunger is caused by DRM? Also Aids.
  8. I just bought Far Cry 5 because someone here was playing and enjoying it. Got it for under $30 so it was OK. Still downloading.
  9. I don't have a 1080ti so don't know if it's different than 980ti but ... did you install Experience? I tried it once to try Shadowplay. Hated the overlays. Hated the forced "profile" installing/installed game checking without asking. Hated everything about it even after tweaking tons of settings . Uninstalled it. Much better. To be honest.. I'm not sure, but I think yes. IT'S SO ANNOYING!! Whyyy do I need a login with some sort of game interface that gives really stupid settings suggestions for my games, keeps popping up messages in my system tray, needs to update like twice a week (a
  10. You can check this yourself. A CPU that has a high TDP (Thermal Design Profile) will be tougher to cool. Lower is better (in this case). The AMD Ryzen 5 2600E is (up to) 4GHz under a 45W TDP. That will be pretty easy to cool. The Intel Corei9-9990XE is also 4GHz (stock) but has a 255W TDP. It's a small super nova, impossible to cool.
  11. Finally built a new rig. I actually bought my last motherboard in 2008. It was a HEDT motherboard (it had some of the first USB3 and SATA3 connections on it) and it's hold up extremely well for 10-11 years. Amazing really. Same with my GPU, a R9 290X that was still viable today. Great stuff. The main reason I built a new rig was not for performance (although that is also nice), but for space. My old big tower was too ugly and too large. This time I built an ITX: Case: Kolink Satellite Plus. Very cheap, very stylish (clean, almost Danish design) and very versatile. Fits full sized PSU's
  12. The only legendary animal that gave me trouble in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey was a violently farting pig.
  13. After buying an OLED TV I now want OLED on everything.
  14. Bought Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dead Rising 4, Lords of the Fallen and Pillars of Eternity in a spree a few days ago. I found a site that sells cheap Steam/Origin/Uplay codes and even Mass Effect: Andromeda must be worth $4, right? Right guys? Guys..?
  15. I recently bought Dead Rising 4 (because I found a site that sells Steam codes very cheap) and I understand the criticism the game got when it was released (no more psychopaths, replaced by generic maniacs, really stupid way of introducing "survivors", too easy combined weapons, etc.) but.. I'm really having a blast playing it. Instead of timed events and really scary psychopaths you have an open world and a ****-ton of zombies that you can kill in a huge variety of ways. I basically just jump into a car (model bigger) and rampage around town until it breaks down, at which point I panic an
  16. I went with the HyperX Cloud Flight. They have a sale on them right now and it's gotten decent enough reviews. I tried it on in one of the stores here and they fit me well. I did notice that they become very hot after 30+ minutes though. Hard to detect while standing in a store..
  17. I'm also on the hunt for a wireless gaming headset (over-ear for me), but I'm shocked by the prices. I mean, $350 for a headset?! The sound quality doesn't have to be great. The mic doesn't have to be great. The only things a gaming headset needs to concentrate on is comfort and bujild quality (it has to be able to withstand a few throws to the ground.. ). Why are they so damn expensive?! Uh.. any tips welcome. Sennheiser is overrated btw. We use them at work.
  18. I bought Assassin's Creed: Odyssey to be able to survive a Christmas week in my mother's house and I've been slutting around ancient Greece ever since. Why is it that as soon as a game allows me to sleep around, I have to make it my mission to sleep with absolutely everyone? I've slept with young women, old women, straight boys, gay boys and it someone hadn't left the door open I would probably have nailed that runaway goat too. Oh, and I'm riding the gayest horse ever (complete with a pink unicorn horn and rainbow coloured trails after the hooves). Of course. I was in a party and was havi
  19. I am replaying the Witcher 3 right now (who said it wasn't replayable?! I will cut you) and I kinda wish I could cram it into my top 3 too..
  20. No, stop it, let them live in the pretend world where Planescape: Torment is the true pinnacle of RPG's and not a long corridor with absolutely no emergency or worthwhile choices. In RDR2 there's a mission with only one solution!! That's all you need to know!!
  21. I know that feeling all too well. I haven't played an Obsidian game since Fallout: New Vegas. I have no idea what I've been doing on these forums for all these years since!
  22. +1 for mentioning Piranha Bytes even though I disagree with you. More FPS for the people!
  23. This might be my favourite thread on these boards. It's so cool to be able to follow people's builds since 2006 or so. Anyhow, I recently built an ITX build. I noticed that I bought my last motherboard in 2008. It was time. Case: Kolink Satellite Plus. It's a tiny cube with brushed aluminum plates all around. Very simple design, almost Danish in its simplicity. I like it a lot, was cheap too. PSU: Seasonic FOCUS+ 750W Platinum. Smallest PSU I could find that was this powerful and fully modular. It's awesome. Completely silent until needed. Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I Gaming. I
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