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what would your lightsaber style be?

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two sabers blue and green go nice together.


the double sabers anims were the best IMO.

Blue and green should never be seen \ excepting with something in-between.


Dual-wielding was more potent that any other form.


I would like to have seen more bonus for single lightsaber form (and much less due to the level of the PC).


PS this is at least the second one of these threads on "lightsaber colour" in the last month. Use the Search, Luke.




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Single hilt. dualing or dual wield, depending on what class I am. Single blade has a more cinematic feel to it. But dual wield just plain kicks a**. I absolutely hate double-hilted light sabers. Just not my style.

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I cant stand dual wielding. Lucas introduced that into the movies so the fan boys would all have something to gush about. Blah. Lame. And we all saw how fast that style got dealt with.


Double bladed sabers are neat only if they are extremely rare. I can't stand seeing them all the time.


I'd go with the traditional single hilt green saber. I'd use Windus Vapaad style.

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I'd like a single bladed saber with the sort of extremilly ornate hilts used in the Sith Empire comics; one of the dueling broadsword type sabers from the Sith Empire would also be neat. As for modern sabers, I'd like a dueling saber akin to Dooku's. As for blade color, I would probably go with purple or red. As for the games, if I recall I duel wielded, one yellow and one either purple or red.

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Plain ole' green single is the way for me,


unless of course im playing DS where its red single. IMO the double ended saber looks a bit tacky, and wielding two is a bit over the top

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