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  1. I often find myself forgetting what I did 2 minutes ago and forget what I was just thinking about even though I wasn't distracted, other times I can remember things perfectly from years ago.
  2. That's a bunch of crap. <_< Stupid Inquirer.
  3. pffft. I hate little girls. Death to 'em all!
  4. that is a retarded looking picture. It's not even gross or scary.
  5. actually there is an assassin protocol thingy but you can't get it through normal means. You have to cheat to get that. He also has his own armor and special disruptor rifle.
  6. They have a team just for water but I guess they couldn't handle fp hands.
  7. Actually, your system is very low end. I'm not surprised you're not getting great performance. Pentium 4s are slow and your vid card is integrated(integrated=sux).
  8. At almost 15 years old I'm 5' 9" or 175.26 cm for you dirty metrics. I guess that's ok, right? Still got 3 or so years to grow.
  9. solari is light side only but it can only be found randomly.
  10. I thought that power became useless if you turned lightside. Or maybe that was some of the other darkside powers.
  11. I made a guardian/marauder "gunslinger" as you say and he was probably my 2nd most powerful build in terms of non-force attacks. I think at the end game he topped out at 85-90. This build was only beat out by my guardian/marauder lightsaber user who maxed out at 100+.
  12. that's incorrect. It's a single gpu on each card attached together.
  13. Umm. Isn't the 6150 intregrated? Integrated sucks balls.
  14. Wha? did you use babelfish or something?
  15. for some stupid reason cox doesn't offer sci-fi here. :angry:
  16. omfg! the most awesome game. I played that all the time at daycare *shudders*
  17. Yeah, I had that problem too. I just used valor to boost my intelligence temporarily.
  18. But then we'd have room for even more bonuses and power and thus even more overkill.
  19. I typically use the random name generator until I get something I like. I did a build that was based around Obi Wan so that time I made a name: Wanobi Kenobi. like the character was a distant ancestor or something.
  20. when talking to Handmaiden: Exile: Sure, if it'll loosen you up.
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