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  1. so uh.. am I allowed to ask for help on mods? I just installed this http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.c..._Mod_Demo;46594 But my storm troopers don't look like storm troopers from the trilogy. They are just the sith in golden suits like KotOR has originally. Anyone know why? :S
  2. Anyone has savegames? See, I recently completed TWO rounds of Peragus and Citadel Station. Last time I just arrived on Telos surface and decided to take a break. That day my computer got infected and the only thing I could do was format. I thought I saved all my games, but for some reason they are not there. So can anyone please give me a saved game from Telos surface? A male? I doesn't matter which class. I can change it with savegame editor. For some reason, the editor doesn't change your gender. (like if you were a male but then changed to female, Disciple won't join you) So p
  3. Yes it is really annoying when you're trying to sneak by the enemies, but your party goes to fight them. Also it's annting when I tell my PC to fight, but he just stands there. Happends to NPC too. Sometimes I have to restart the game in order to fix it.
  4. take him off the ship. I love Bao-Durr, and it's so easy to make him a jedi!
  5. why do you guys even care where Zalbaar fits into all this?
  6. oh please! It's easier to fight Nihilius, Treya, and Sion put together on difficult that it is to fight Vrook on easy. He's cheating! well then, no one asked your opinion!
  7. . . . ............ . . . . . . . __________ _________ ___________ _________________ *Dies* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what!!??
  8. Kreia is really hard! You know I think I didn't build ny character right cause my wisdom is.. well, low! I think I will srart another game, and, hopefully, Kreia won't be that hard.
  9. I had it built Dantooine was my second planet. I'll try again my next playtrough... This time I wanted to go DS but I couldn't. First I wanted to get Mira into my party, so I was leaning towards LS. Right after that I was level 15 so Kreia made me a jedi master. And after than I thought acting as a Sith Lord while being a Jedi Master would screw up my character. um... would it? o.O
  10. to kill Master Vrook, Master what's his name, and another jedi and another one.. Like when I went against the Khoonda people on Dantooine, Vrook wanted to fight me and it was impossible to kill him. Same with the Nar Shaddaa jedi.
  11. Ahaha maybe living in the underbrush on Kasshyyk has made Jolee's voice sound like an old lady. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :D (w00t) edit: o.O see attachment. Isn't it a really, really disturbing picture? o.O
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