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  1. All you have to do with Mira after the Hanharr fight is make straight for the door and activate it, then your back with your exile.
  2. Dueling all the way, all this double stuff is for flashy gay boys.
  3. Absolutely.....I mean some people even comment on it in the game and ask if you are ok. One guy, I think its the bartender on Iziz even offers you a skin cream.....WTF. You can just imagine it "Would you like some cream for your condition"? "No dammit, i'm evil your supposed to fear me" (sulks of into the distance and mugs someone for 100 credits)
  4. Atton looks truly awful DS, aside from the melting face his nose seems to get really pointy.
  5. Thirtreen playthroughs and you never worked out who GOTO really was....?????
  6. Ahhhh another satisfied customer......I hope someone at LA is reading these threads.
  7. Kreia all the way, She is definately darkside but I did not really see her as 'Sith', as she says to Atris about Sith teachings:- "There is no truth there, but it is a step in the right direction". Well it was something like that anyway. Seems to me she meant it as a step in embracing a wider view of everything. As for the previous post about Jedi not being manipulative, hang on a bit. Jedi are completely manipulative, it may be for what they consider the greater good but what that boils down to is 'the end justifies the means'. It all comes down to your own point of view, as said by Obi Wan himself.
  8. No doubt Chodo will still be there regardless of wether you saved him. The game just assumes that you would not disregard such a good chance for a scrap.
  9. I managed to break Handmaiden. When we were sparring I thought I would break the rules and use force powers. I stuck the force chokeon her and to my surprise her health went to zero and her corpse was lying in the cargo hold of the Ebon Hawk. When I left the ship and entered the party select screen Handmaiden's spot just said "I am broken, so very broken" Pretty weird huh.
  10. I believe someone used the 'Force eye poke' on her, dark side power obviously and very difficult to save against.
  11. The game is easy anyway so having an uber Hanharr seems pretty pointless. He would already have killed everything before I could get my dark side freak on.
  12. You heard Christopher Walken in Bao-Bur's voice???....fair enough I gues, though I definately dont hear it myself.
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