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  1. Keanu reeves as reven? Bastila: The galaxy is yours my master, the jedi order is no more. Reven: Excellent! *plays air guitar solo* Seriously though, yeah this has been done before quite alot. Well, at least the look-alikes part has.
  2. Tell that to the ten times I reloaded today just to prove you wrong, came up Double Blade ten out of ten. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did you save and reload before you opened the container/looted the guy, or was it before you entered the area? Because the items you will find are randomly chosen the first time you enter the area, thus if you were reloading when you were already in the area then you will get the same loot no matter how many times you reload.
  3. 1 droid came out? sounds like the fairly rare door-closing-too-early glitch, your supposed to be up against 2 droids, if you killed one and the other is still stuck behind the door... well, you see how it bugs up? Try placing a mine as close to the door as you can go, in hopes the robot on the other side triggers it, if it does then just keep placing mines till its dead. Or try leaving the area and re-entering it, that might reset the droid to a better location?
  4. EDIT: oh, before you do anything, open swkotor2.ini with notepad, and add the line; Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 add that line at the bottom of "graphics options". It might help with the laggyness. Then try out the game before doing anything else. The error was N_DarthBand pmbmm? That to me sounds like there was a problem with somthing regarding darth bandon... but he was in kotor1 (though files from him are probly in kotor2 too). Have you installed any mods at all? I would reccomend backing up your saved games, then re-installing the game (as it sounds like it has a pro
  5. Thats a new one to me... i cant see how the resoloution changing can damage it, its just like turning it on/off as far as i know. Also, i dont know any way to stop the game changing the res or at least resetting the res (as in, the clicking). It I THINK the game movies run at 1600 x 1200 res if your monitor can handle it, or something like 640 x 480 if it cant. So your only way to (try) and stop the res change would be to use one of those resoloutions. Seriously though, never heard of a resoloution change causing damage to a monitor..
  6. I would second that, it sounds like a certain file has gotten corrupted somehow (most likley something referancing atris or the acadamy). And your not using any mods, right?
  7. I thought i was the only one! Those damn fish things scared the smeg outta me, being all creepy and fishlike... and swimming.. and stuff. *shudders* There needs to be a firaxian shark rehab clinic imo.
  8. Goths... seems kinda obvious <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *starts hacking bits off his face* And yeah, sion dies so theres not really anyway he could come back... unless they pull a wizard of oz type thing and make malacor just a dream "
  9. I could be wrong, but i think it the dialouge was mentioned and it wasnt restored as it had no purpose and/or was unfinished. Then later the media patch arrived and filled in a bit more of how it could go if you sided with nihilus.
  10. Carth.. hmm.. whiney little bugger, but he was usefull with a blaster, he may stay. Jolee "i hate you, old man" Bindo: possibly my favorite human, i kinda wish he could have been in kotor2 somewhere... Malak: How does he eat? Mandalore: As in the kotor2 mandalore i'm assuming.. well he can stay, i liked him, even if he did go soft near the end Sion: Needed a vat full of vasaline for his skin, but was decent. Seeing the game-art of what he could of been makes me feel dissapointed though. Hanharr: cant say i care much for the wookier, his rage attack can be usefull though,
  11. Are you sure its entering sleep mode? If it is is then it should happen at a set time (eg 10 minutes since the game started). Can you alt+tab out of the game?
  12. If you go into gameplay options there should be a setting called something like "mouse look". And it will act as if you have the right mouse button clicked, so you only need to press the left mouse button to move around. Then go into mouse settings and choose "reverse mouse buttons" and that should be it.
  13. If you havnt yet tried updating the bios or reverting to older graphics card drivers then i would advise trying that, its helped other people s it might help you. Thats taken from another topic where a dual core user had issues with the game, so first i would advise updating your motherboard bios and then try an older set of graphics card drivers. And no, theres no real chance of there being a patch now.
  14. I'm guessing it a problem with your X2 chip, kotor2 is having slowdown problems with the dual cores. Give searching for "dual core" a try and see if you can find anything more usefull to you, the only tricks i can remember was BIOS update and disabling one of the cores, i think rolling backing the drivers to a previous number (ie instead of v7.xx drivers use v6.xx) helped with Nvidia cards too.
  15. Wheres tatooine? I loved the vast sprawling desert, if it wasnt for the czera markers (and a map) it would be quite easy to get lost there, i loved that level. I guess its between manaan and kashyyyk (still not sure on the correct pronunciation), i think kashyyyk has my vote though. Score one for the wookies
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