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  1. My Idea's for Kotor 3 -- forget The Exile and Revan. They've gone to that great dark place in the sky where level 20+ champions who have saved the galaxy and are now monties that cannot be played anymore have gone. Bringing your level 36 exile back in a new game just isn't going to cut it... quit whining and accept that you start over with a level 1 every game. -- More jedi classes ! I kind of like the notion of a scoundral / jedi consular / jedi master -- More Jedi feats ! Even without using the cheats and the endless experiance wheels in Kotor II , I found that my consular ha
  2. Str 12 Dex 10 con 14 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 14 And pile EVERYTHING onto wisdom after that. Plus equipment adds etc....
  3. Bastilla. She's not on the list... but she does show up breifly in a cut scene , so she IS in Kotor2 ....
  4. I want to see the Light Side ending ! (presumably it's a movie) But since I chose to visit Korriban Last, it took away my lightside mastery , and so I finished the game very very light sided, but without mastery, and all I got was that final conversation where you get told that all sorts of goodness and light happens to all your friends and the republic and the galaxy at large ... but no movie ? No cut scene ? I have a terrilbe feeling you dont get to see the movie if you don't have light side mastery (or the bad ending if you don't have dark side mastery) and I don't feel like goin
  5. It depends... Since two light sabres give the max number of places to put upgrads ... a two light sabre jedi would have the maximum opportunity to make use of charactaristic enhancing add on's to light sabres . Damage add ons , of course , are wasted since they only affect the weapon and not both weapons. One can imagine the destructiveness of a Jedi Consular with maxed out wisdom duel weidling two light sabres that each also boost his wisdom as much as possible. Such a "duel weilder" would rarely actually fight with the sabres though .. since he'd be tossing force lightning like the
  6. Kivan Sane Str15 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 32 Cha 18 Jedi Consular / Master 17/9 Def 36 Vit 259 Force 550 Random Notes : Even using dark side powers (I was a hairs breath away from Light side Mastery) It literally took mere seconds to regain all my force points. (The didgit counter indicating how many force points I had moved so fast I couldn't read it ! I love consular's ! ) Cast Stasis and then light sabre them twice, stasis again ... and your FP literally never moves from max. Even casting Force Storm (maxed out force lighting) you can cast it 20 times before e
  7. Stealth and the Reneratve Underlay , even on just the minor's uniform if you have no other upgradable armor , work wonders there. I took a level 10 consular with an upgraded vibro blade through there, noticed my force wasn't regenerating , and still kicked it in there. You just have to stealth and wait for your natural healing to give you back all your hit points , thats all. (Thus the regeneration underlay cuts down on the waiting time between battles)
  8. Where do you find Telos a new supply of fuel ? I'm almost ready to leave and I ahvn't turned up any leads.
  9. K. Got this bonus mission on Telos to find out about this False Batu , the one that tries to assassninate you when you first land on the planet ? Can't turn up any leads on him. Any help would be nice.
  10. Consular's suck in hand to hand. So go single and take dueling to balance that off. Sentinels are pretty good and could go either way. The penalties from double bladed could be easily balanced out by certain upgrades to increase your chance to hit. Guardians have scads of combat ability and should always go double and ignore any upgrades that increase their chances of hitting in favor of more and more damage. Just an opinion.
  11. Jedi Consular / Jedi Master All the Way. 14 cha 16 Wis + and keep racking it up ! The Ultimate "Jedi Wizard" ... light sabres are something you deflect blaster bolts with , thats all. Blast him with force powers ! Extra Crispy Please.
  12. Oh yeah , skill stooping. You don't have to spend all your skill points when you make a charactar. If you plan on taking demolitions , for example, but its cross class for you , don't put any points at all in it. Hang onto those points. Level 2 , your first feat goes into making Demolitions a full class skill. Level 3 you actually get to spend the points, and bring up demolitions to it's max value for your level , as if you'd had it all along and it was full class all along. Gotta stoop around for the first two levels with no demolitions kill at all though ... but in t
  13. Atton : Whats the limit on back stab / Sneak Attack ? I ask because in Kotor I , I was a Liightside Sentinel with Mission always hanging around and scads of wis / dex. Zap room with Stun . mission runs in , every attack is a sneak attack , and thats like 8d6 + weapon damage near the end ... With level 25 being a reasonable max level , you realize tha keeping Atton pure rogue gives him +12d6 sneak attack ? You may not want to shift him to jedi at all if you're a light sider ... T3-M4 Just started a new game. Noticed he has a "shock" device ? 1d6 dmg per level ????
  14. The game generates a random table when you first create a charactar of "nifty equipment", so there's no guarentee you'll have the same problem inding a blaster next time around. The question mark powers are the "secret force powers" , you probably can never have all of them (on the same charactar). Probably some are light side only , some dark only , some for consular only ..etc etc etc ... Near the beginning of the game , probably in Preagus, you get a conversation option with Kriea to the effect of "Whats wrong with your eyes" . This option not only leads to you gaining influence w
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