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  1. cute little chap indeed. does the influence thingy count for him too? concerning new infos and actions etc.. if i have him in the party while doing the missions, will he do/tell more than the usual stuff on the Ebon Hawk ? (no details please) i didnt take him into the missions because he didnt seem to develop like the other npcs..
  2. some unbelievably destructive, ignorant and incompetent replies in ere, i hope this wont stop you , gsccc
  3. some more speculations: google "tachyons".
  4. i played ls. i had dantooine as first planet and at the end of the game, the crystal still had the same values. kreia told me about it's special abilities but they never changed. do i have to do something to make her modify it?
  5. i'd like to play solo but with two main characters. first, Revan in the outer rim and beyound, kinda very long 1-2 planet's time intro giving all the answers about what happened to him there. then the k3 story shall begin with me playing the k3 main character, being revan or anybody else.
  6. yes. the stories about revan showed him as an intelligent talented sith. even on ls, playing him rather seemed to be controlling a coldhearted massmurderer doing ls actions just for the sake of smugly vanity.
  7. have a look here. i hope thats the right one. http://www.driverheaven.net/patje/
  8. light side until about the half of the game is done, then turning to dark side.
  9. nice! will it work with other language versions? there would be some english parts in another language of k2 if i install it?
  10. may? beside fixes, tactically it would be good to activate the droid factory in the patch. a remarkable reputation recovery for dev and pub. existing resources, good trade. omg that would be such a nice surprise
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