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  1. The same release in English, http://www.segasammy.co.jp/english/pdf/rel...730_e_final.pdf They're most likely shipped to retailers but the publishers still get money from it IIRC, they only lose money if the retailers decide to send them back if they aren't able to sell stock and want some sort of a return. Not sure how often this happens though. 700k isn't bad but I'm sure SEGA/Obsidian had bigger figures in mind. Keep in mind, these don't include the July sales figures either from stores like Steam which had the game going for pretty cheap. I think most of the sales were coming
  2. To be fair, she does say you can easily dismiss the game based off how it begins at the beginning of the segment so it's not like she completely passed it off but all the hosts acknowledged the problem.
  3. Seems like a disc issue to me too, have you tried to clean the disc either with water or a CD cleaner?
  4. One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. If this is true I'm sure more information about the development of Alpha Protocol will be released with time. After seeing the game in action I'm personally waiting for it to hit the $30-40 range and hopefully have a few patches out by then. The general consensus seems to be that Alpha Protocol is a great game (story, dialog, etc wise) that is hindered by technical issues and some mechanic choices which already makes part of the original comment by the "employee" moot.
  5. Legalities aside, the limited hardware of the Xbox in comparison to the PC will make this impossible, most of the content patched into the PC version of the game is already fixed in the Xbox version. If your asking for the video/audio patches forget about it, the game will crash right after booting up since the game was coded to handle it.
  6. Does the game actually run? Instead of doing that, run Kotor via the CD, Go to "Configure" Click "Scan Hardware" Once the test is done, save the results and post them here, those will give us a much better idea about how Kotor grades your system. Also, what resolution is your PC set at? And is your version of Kotor up to date?
  7. Bao Dur was cut more than Mandalore IMO, I'm in the TSLRP beta and to my knowledge NO OTHER such choices are available, so those are the only two.
  8. Im using that now, but only about 50% of the files work compared to the 100% that worked with Klite
  9. I got a semi answer here, I had Klite Codec pack installed, I unisnstalled it and the files worked, but now I don't have video so I must find a compatible codec.
  10. Well I have the latest version of Nero Player and Windows Media Player, it does this on all programs, at times explorer crashes and it may play the file but thats 50/50. It hasen't happened to me before, only when I reinstalled Windows, I sent in numerous error reports but MS hasn't done anything about it.
  11. Hey, for some reason when I open a AVI file, or am in the same folder as one I get the "Windows Encountered a Error" box, the send/don't send error report thing, and things when explorer crashes and restarts. Im currently running Windows XP.
  12. I wasen't arguing it I stated why I thought I could get it to run and then I gave an example, those other members made such a big deal out of it.
  13. I had a ATI Radeon 9200SE in it which was supported, Chaos Theory wasen't perfect like the others were at times but it was "playable".
  14. Then I do not believe you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then you are a fool! When you go to task manager or w/e you end tasks that are using up alot of system memory, including explorer. But you keep the mandtory things on. Then you start your game from the run option at the top, it works 50% of the time!
  15. Im was given the game has a gift, so stop making stupid assumptions, makes you seem like a prick. And the old eMachines sucked big time, not sure about the new ones.
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