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  1. I have another point to make... http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=524 Lucasarts forum right? look at the top to topics the are sticky'd. I figured it being the official lucasarts web site this kinda thing would be ok.
  2. i dont see how patching a game with an offical patch could be illegal... and the loophole with softmodded xboxs says its only illgeal to run unsigned code, and as everything on said disk would have come from the orignal developer i dont really see the problem...
  3. didnt say anything about "messing with an X-Box" but thats a no then? to bad.
  4. Has anyone made a ISO patcher for the xbox verison for the newest officall/fanmade patches? or some other means of patching the xbox verison?
  5. i've found the problem and the way tp fix it, for me it was because i had glitched and cross classed my MC... geting my prestige class fix'd it.
  6. I've been hitting this glitch hard with the door not opening on the xbox... funnying thing is the door is open in the conversation then closes after i end it.... i've reloaded a few times from the start of the planet but still no go, one good thing did come out of this thought i can get to that part in about 30mins...
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