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  1. Thats like telling a falling man he isn't falling.
  2. First off that can't work..If Exile is free then how can people with destiny follow him? Destiny can't account for him than so it can't work. metadigital, think you could type the [] and how it should look...not working for me lol. And what would we do if we new? kill our selves? we can not our destiny...lol why hide the unescapable that alone doesn't make any sense.
  3. Shadow, im sorry but destiny doesn't need propeling...this is the point of destiny. metadigital, sorry about that still a bit new to this.
  4. *****SPOILERS TO EPIII***** Redemption is the whole 6 movies lol how even the most evil of villans can be saved.
  5. You didn't anwser my question and I already stated Destiny can't destroy itself. and destiny, although an aspect of Star Wars, is not the theme. The true theme is redemption. The SW relm also believes in choice otherwise Yoda would never said "Always in motion the future is." or "If you leave now help them you could." destiny doesn't use could's or maybe's. Destiny in SW is more used as "birth right" then "predestination."
  6. When did I contridict myself? I said if the force has a destiny (meaning Kreia is right) then it could never allow a destiny to be one that destroys it's self. (thus kreia can't be doing what she's doing) Also what I sad was If choice is real (thus kreia is wrong) than you could make the choice to destroy the force..which kreia has come to depend on. (Kreia could do what she's doing) What your suggesting is a vaccum that swallows it's self. Also if Kreia needed you to have free will (you being disconected from the force as you say) then destiny could not account for Kreia's fail
  7. lol ohh your funny..Destiny is pre-destination first strongly belived by Calven (forget first name at moment) which the Puritans (erarly American settlers) believed which stated...no matter your actions you are pre-determend a St. or sinner. Your actions no matter how noble or deviouse can't change your birth right of St. or sinner; thus, you shall be saved or dambed at birth. Destiny is absense of free will or more simply removal of choice. Meaning you can't escape your futrure you are planned for a spacific role in life be it good, or be it evil. Are you happy now? doesn't help your
  8. wow you guys type fast lol. so what (if Kreia was right) was Ani's detiny? To go dark side or as you said "screwed from the start" or to kill the Empy? Wanna know how "Destiny" works? Ani made his own choice to be evil..the force (as a will possesing living being) forsaw the danger of such a choice and knowing how we chose it presented a new choice...Luke was born the one thing in all that galaxy that made Vader choose to kill Emp the force has a will yes but never removes free will...only gives you reason to go one way or another thats not destiny thats simple planing...Force does no
  9. lol she never faced them..had she faced them she would accept the choices she made and accepted who she was as her own person instead she through all her choices on the force so as to cop-out and blame her mistakes on somthing other than her...she is a Post Atris and you thnk Atris could ever admit to being wrong about anything? The force is like God in pretty much every way (save the force powers ofcourse lol) God knows everything to the end of time knows every turn in every path and if he so choose he can present anwsers to hard choices...this is not predestiny. Force is the same wa
  10. Sorry for reposting this i edited..didn't know i was at the bottom of page 4 lol. Another thought after typing that lol. She spoke many times of having a war with your past but another interesting irony is that her..being as powerful as she was..could control and confuse and manipulate like she could..but she couldn't do what every other ally could..force or no Light or Dark she could not over come her past...she could never face...and accept her past choices...one moral the game hits pretty hard...she was the preacher that didn't practice what she preached.
  11. she said on Telos that Jedi can't make it where normal....beings lol...can. She wished the total destruction of the force which included all jedi. She wanted vengence against the force. She made her choices and suffered due to them but she did what anyone (even in real life) would do...found someone to blame in her eyes she thought the force made her fall and suffer as she did..she was a coward and the real irony is that she in all her glory, all her power, and all her streath...was the least wise of all the NPCs...she was lost in her own grief. Another thought after typing that lol
  12. Where on earth did you get that idea... Kreia dosnt need to prove anything she only needs the will and the means to do what she intends. It's not a court of law. People who dont agree with her , she removes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry was in another thread missed stuff lol. above quote...sounds pretty evil to me. By killing "God" as it were (the force) you would be depriving millions of of people of free choice. The force would no long touch anyone but obviousely somthing that exsisted and leaving those touched by the force helpless in a galaxy they could no longer
  13. Nope she can hate your guts but she'll still upgrade it for ya.
  14. Would you have any proof to that? other than that it is just the common idea? A link that says to some degree that "Dark Father" is fact? All you just said was Vader was Lukes father and was dark thus Darth vader must mean Dark Father. You have more to go on than that don't you. P.S. that has nothing to do with EU simply put..it's the truth wether you choose to believe it or not.
  15. Vader is (belive it or not) Dutch and German(Vater) for Father but this had no bearing on the char as is commonly belived. Darth is an inclusive word for the tital DArk lord of the siTH. Vader is a short version for invading here is a link to s page abut it but ill put the part im talking about here for all the lazy ones lol. http://www.answers.com/main/ntquery?method...8&curtab=2222_1 "It is interesting to note that "Vader" is the Dutch word for "father" as well as that the German word for "father" (Vater) is similar, and it may be tempting to read the character name "Dar
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