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  1. I LOVE this song, i have an amazing version on tape at home which is just a classic. p.s. glad to see this gem of a thread still going.
  2. This sounds fantastic though a bit crazy. I
  3. I checked with someone and it definitely is all the ingredients i listed for the Battenburg-tasting-drink. I recommend trying it! Oh and i'm not sure about quantities for it etc, but having a few drinks prior to it may help : ) *waves to pixies*
  4. I happened to come across an odd ****tail the other day which tasted exactly like Battenburg cake....and it resulted from a dirty pint consisting of a few peoples; Cider, WKD, Vodka, Pineapple juice, and something else which I forget. Bloody good accidental ****tail though!
  5. Strongbow is NOTHING! You want to get yourselfs down to Somerset try some Thatchers cider, it's beautiful, doesn't taste like piss either...!
  6. *sigh* constant work in preparation for 2 major 12-hour exams i have going on next week and the following week. It's going to be a long fortnight...
  7. Wow I wish i'd noticed this thread before, some good eye candy in here. Particularly like Rosbjerg's hands photos and the style and lighting which the museum photos were taken, it's very dramatic, I like it . I think I shall put a few of my homemade photos up here soon from my SLR camera for exam work at college. They may not be about the most impressive and amazing things, but I definitely like them and they get me a good grade so they must be ok!
  8. It's amazing how much that Gecko45 fellow reminds me of Ed'oh....
  9. I guess it's quite naive to say but, why not ban guns altogether? UK seems to go fine without them...
  10. Buck 65--The Centaur I feel a Faithless binge coming on today though...
  11. Haha, Malkavians are brilliant...
  12. Fantastically uninteresting day as every day in the past 2 weeks has been....generally involves waking up, studying for exams, breakfast, drop female friend home, come back and study, lunch, study, dinner, slack the rest of the evening/night away. Hoorah for repetitiveness, only two more months of it!
  13. I watched The Departed a couple days ago....absolutely fantastic movie, but the end of it confused me a bit, and was mightily sad, and I'm a sucker for good endings. Also a pretty hard movie to keep to grips with whats going on all the way through...
  14. Both of the games definitely have their merits, but personally I don't think there's any way you could compare the two of them properly. Clearly, because one of them is an RPG, and the other one is undeniably more of a button masher. One of them has a totally epic and engrossing story, one of them has a mildly interesting storyline but one that still keeps you interested. I personally prefer KotOR for the way that you control more of what happens and your actions have a little bit more of a consequence; mainly in the light/dark conversation choices, as well as the force power choices...instead of limited options as in JKA. Although I do like JKA a lot as well, I do sort of see it quite like Counter-Strike in some ways, but you can get a little too much of high paced easy reaction-action slashing-type thing. :S
  15. I get the feeling lack of common sense does pretty much sum up the whole event, and now I think the girl knows the consequences of her stupidity/lack of common sense. To be honest though, I'm not sure if I'd agree with calling the police on your own daughter as these parents have done, sure she might have wrecked their house, which can be repaired with money - a material thing, but surely your own parents calling the police about you would have more of an emotional impact... Bah, I've totally lost my post-memory, i've forgotten half of what I meant to say..
  16. I know there's going to be a lot of people disagree with me on this, but I really really didn't catch on to the whole original NeverWinter Nights. I mean, this is more of an opinion thing rather than actual bad game design, because I know there's a lot of really big fans of this game, but I found it difficult to like a few aspects of it. I guess i found it quite a complicated game compared to the simpleness which I found in KotOR. I guess I might not have given it enough time either really... I definitely agree with Meta about that Tomb Raider game....now that was truely SHOCKING. Especially coming from an avid Tomb Raider fan before that...Tomb Raider 2 being the first game I ever bought I was real excited about the new one, but let down horrifically..
  17. It's weird how after a lonnnnng absence from a game it all seems so much better when you come back and play it again....I just the other day reinstalled KotOR1 on my computer and am looking forward to a nice run-through of that, even the starting area (I can't even remember the name of the ship! ) was awesome fun. Taking a long break from WoW now too I think....has a certain staleness to it now.. EDIT: Endar Spire! :D
  18. Massive Attack--Angel Speaking of which, does anybody know where I can get the version of this song which is on the title screen for VtM: Bloodlines? It's the version which actually has no lyrics if that helps..
  19. What crazy game is that you guys aer talkign about? It rings no bells whatrsoever...
  20. Arrogance. Some other stuff too, which I forget. Having a **** memory is one of my pet peeves.
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