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  1. as much as i hate luke from the movies. in the books he basically becomes a jedi god. he is described as a complete embodiment of the force. if he chooses he can become a maelstrom of force energy and fight as if hes swining 20 lightsabers at once. he fought thousands vong, at once, and obliterated them. his final fight with the emporer was felt throughout the galaxy. he is capable of moving black holes by himself. he developed a instant kill force power called emerald lightning. he is the most powerful jedi that has ever existed.
  2. I cant stand dual wielding. Lucas introduced that into the movies so the fan boys would all have something to gush about. Blah. Lame. And we all saw how fast that style got dealt with. Double bladed sabers are neat only if they are extremely rare. I can't stand seeing them all the time. I'd go with the traditional single hilt green saber. I'd use Windus Vapaad style.
  3. A squad of commandos against a sith lord? You'd get obliterated. A bounty hunter vs a sith lord? Episode II.
  4. I believe Corran Horn did this in a sparring match againt Mara Jade Skywalker and later on used it against the vong? I could be mistaken.
  5. in order of importance to me coherent story - i dont want to have to depend on certain character interactions to allow the story to unfold properly, which by the way, you can only find out certain plot points through characters depending on what attributes you have. finishing the game 3 to 4 times and having to go on a message board to fully grasp what just happened in my 40 hours plus of game time is ridiculous. kotor2's story was there, it just didnt flow very smoothly. in kotor 1 you can neglect every party member and the story unfolds clearly right infront of you. new engine -
  6. for instance, making it so you cannot go higher than level 30, which is still very high, but if all things are balanced accordingly, wouldnt be much more powerful than at the end of kotor2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> so, with the level 30 thing. have revan and exile start from 1? what are you saying? exile finishes around level 30, if you dont do any level up exploits. and revan finishes at 20. i usually dont go into "hades" mode with this level up stuff but im just not sure how they can make revan and exile player characters in kotor 3.
  7. uhhh, if we are revan or exile in kotor 3 we would end up being like level 75. if you thought kotor 2 was easy... you wouldnt even need to have the xbox controller in your hand to win fights. also, ok, lets say we are revan or exile and we start from level 1.....why?
  8. my first time through as a light side jedi, i couldnt wait to play through as a dark side character just so i could cut that nagging, ugly old troll of a woman in half.
  9. Overreact much? By the way, Fable doesn't even come close to KOTOR II. Even with all the bugs KOTOR II has it destroys Fable. Fable's story is weak, has uninteresting characters, 0 replay value and no lightsabers. All the main plot points are told through some janky looking window painting. The ending is completely retarded. Why should I care for these characters? Fable's ending makes KOTOR II's look brilliant.
  10. haha, im sorry but this cracks me up. some of the pc gamers kept saying "haha have fun with your buggy unfinished game you xboxers."
  11. im noticing different dialogue just from having different attributes from my previous games.
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