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  1. The RPG Genre has dried up for PC. There hasn't been a good one since KOTOR and the last one before that was Baldur's Gate series.
  2. The Revan character was fun to play. The underwater stuff cool. After beating KOTORI, I wanted to know more about what happens to Revan and the others beyond the game. At the end of KOTORII, I really didn't care what happened to Exile. In fact, I think in KOTORII, I was still more interested in what happened to Revan than what was going on with the Exile. Revan was just a much more interesting main character. In terms of gameplay though, I liked the expanded force powers, and prestige classes. Still an RPG is all about the story, and IMO KOTORI had a better one.
  3. This reminds me of the old superman TV series. Superman would stand there with his hands on his hip and his chest out while the guy unloaded all six shots of his revolver at him, then ducked when the guy threw the gun.
  4. How about using the force to turn off your opponents lightsaber? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or hit your opponent with their own lightsaber. "Stop hitting yourself!" "Stop hitting yourself!" "Stop hitting yourself!" "Oh, you're dead? I didn't think that was actually going to work...I-I think I'm going to go pray." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm glad somebody took my original post as the joke that is was meant to be.
  5. How about using the force to turn off your opponents lightsaber?
  6. Would't it be cool if you could turn off your lightsaber just as your opponent tries to block it, then turn it on again to bypass his defenses? I bet that would piss off a bunch of jedi. Off and on in the blink of an eye. How many people's last words would be ...."Hey, that's cheating!"
  7. How about this? Everything beyond the original trilogy is an afterthought and GL had no idea of the kind of "technology" that would spawn from the imaginations of those licensed to elaborate on the SW universe. So.....Lucas didn't think to have personal shields in SWOT. As for vibroblades, some people really do carry knives, i guess this wuld be the SW equivalent.
  8. Am I the only person who noticed Chewbacca walked around naked through all of the movies? I mean c'mon. How freaky is the whole "naked with the ammo belt across his chest" thing? I'm your big furry Rambo baby!
  9. Baldur's Gate 2 gets my vote. It seems like i played BG2 and Throne of Bhaal forever. I still play sometimes and the graphics don't bother me. They fit the gameplay style perfectly. The character interaction was better than KOTOR. The battles were better and the story was epic. There were crazy amounts of items to be found and the familiar (to me) world of D&D. My favorite character was the monk. At higher levels my monk would toss around 2 liter bottles of whoop @ss, and not break a sweat.
  10. To me, an RPG is all about the story and the characters. Its just like a movie. I don't care much about special effects or how BIG the action sequences are. I want to enjoy a story. And in an RPG I want interaction with the NPCs. I found the storyline convoluted and aimless. I found the interaction confusing, especially since there were cut scenes made meaningless because of the cut content. With regard to the ending, this game was like eating a pretty tasty meal only to find a ****roach in the last spoonful. And I didn't run into many bugs. KOTOR 1 was the better game IMHO.
  11. What could possibly make less sense than the ending that presently exists?
  12. KOTOR1 was out awhile before i bought it. By the time I bought the game, the final patch was available and I was unaware of the bugs that were in the original release. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I bought KOTOR2 on its release date on the strength of KOTOR1. That will not happen again. This game was not worth 50 bucks to me. And I don't care about the reasons why the game was incomplete. What matters to me, is that I gave them ALL 50 of the dollars they asked for and they gave me 3/4ths of what I expect in a game. If there is a KOTOR3, I will not be one of the pre-purchasers. I'll
  13. Questions about the story thta I have..... What was the point of resurrecting Hanhaar and sending him to Malacor V? Was there a purpose for having him hunt Mira again? What was up with the whole HK47 and T3 dialogue on the Ebon Hawk concerning the navigational computer? What was the purpose of having remote arm the Shadow thing? And even more perplexing why was GOTO there to stop him? Why did we have to guess that Bao-Dur died from the holo-message that remote played? If the Ebon Hawk fell into that gorge or whatever it was, how did you escape on it at the end? If Han
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