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  1. Why would someone want a cool hat when it's already cold? MADNESS!
  2. Well, the last time we had a war on our hands, you were allied with the people who attacked us. So, yeah.
  3. "He did not cheat in his first election? How can you not see that he obviously did?" Whaaa?
  4. In war games, the only purpose my soldiers is to stop incoming fire with their meaty bodies.
  5. "Also some people obviously think that one shot one kill is what people mean by 'realistic' and not taking into account of grazing hits or hits in nonvital areas." Because, you know, it isn't as if most of the time one shot is enough to take you out of the fight, even if not immediately and even if it doesn't kill you?
  6. Where on earth do you folks get the idea every FPS aims, or should aim, for realism?
  7. "Maybe FPS should have different difficulty settings... Easy, Normal, etc should be replaced with... Realistic, Unrealistic, etc... Come on, that's a good idea right?" No, it's not, because 'realistic', 'unrealistic' and whatnot do not describe the difficulty.
  8. The statistical evidence I obtained from www.gamerankings.com clearly shows that PCs are the inferior gaming platform. There's only one PC game in their top 10 (and it's only #7, too). This, I theorize, is due to the fact that the PC, as a gaming platform, possesses very limited capabilities in comparison to consoles. The evidence is absolute, gentlemen!
  9. Internet memes are funny and they're never original.
  10. "Also, the issue of how we will obtain those classic NES/SNES/N64 games still remains to be revealed... Some kind of fee for each would seem strange, since the same games have been available on the net for free for a very long time." Illegally, yes.
  11. Or, you know, Nartwak just had a beef with your poor spelling.
  12. "Not much you can do about the camera." First person perspective.
  13. You're fine with a cameraman but an orchestra is too much? Odd.
  14. "Huh ? You spek about patch 1.0b ?" This is what I'm talking about.
  15. "And one more thing - KotoR also have better soundrack than TSL." No it doesn't. Well, not after the music restoration patch.
  16. But all signs point to it being hella awesome after it!
  17. "I've already got a case (listed)." Not Antec. Yar. "And I'd just go for the bare minimum, case fans aren't exactly masterpieces of technological engineering, and if you do get a bad one, they're cheap enough you can just run out and buy a new one." Well, some are quieter than others. And I hate how my computer sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
  18. "Internal T1 with a hub run by an administrator that's not yours truly. No torrents and/or p2p for this joint." What a ****tease, huh?
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