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  1. I liked this one.... "BREJIK: Vulkars, to me! Kill the swoop rider! Kill the popcorn vendor! Kill them all!"
  2. You should do well....I've got a 6600GT and it runs damn near everything at high settings. The only thing I can't do with it is run with 4xAA, though 2xAA is good enough for me (it hides the worst of the sawing and once your in motion you'll never see any). That said I have a 3200+ AMD and a Gb of RAM to back it up with. Still a good card though for the price. Wait a couple of weeks though...with nVidia's new card out now, the prices of the older stuff should drop a bit.
  3. lucky bastard <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Remember though that's six mother-in-laws as well...
  4. Frankly I enjoyed using a single saber more than two, though yes two do move 'whaling' damage per ton. Ideally I'd use one for general use and then use two if I really meant it (like boss fighting or hacking your way into the palace near the end of KOTOR II). If they do a third game, I'd like to see them do something about the 'two sabers = best way' thing. Say only allow you use some force powers if you have a hand free like...
  5. I get something similar recently (ever since the 1.0b patch in fact...interesting...). After combat I would get stuck...if I hold down a movement key I would start to move again after about 5 seconds or so. Not much help for you I'm afraid, though does anyone else have this problem? Notice it before the patch?
  6. Careful you get shot just for asking al-la Star Wars Galaxies people...
  7. KOTOR II doesn't need a huge amount of memory (you have enough really, just make sure your swap file is a good size, at least twice the size of your system RAM), and as far as driver settings go, just make sure that the AA and Filtering are set to application mode so the game sets them not the drivers. One thing I note however, is that the latest drivers from nVidia do seem to slow down both KOTOR and KOTOR II. I never had slow down issues before installing the 71.89 drivers, especially on Dantooine in the first game (which for me is even worse than in the second game). Oh and one last
  8. No, I just don't like really bad console ports of FPS games...
  9. 6 hours to complete on hard. And the multiplayer is even worse than Battlefront.
  10. Let me guess...the vibrate option. Always made me raise an eyebrow in KOTOR at the beginning when you find that vibration cell on that female Jedi's body.
  11. It is the upgrade version of XP. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There you go. Always do a clean install when changing OS. I know there is an upgrade option but as an IT Support guy I can say it causes a lot of problems...especially for games. Microsoft are very brave to try having an upgrade option, but frankly I wish they didn't...would make my life easier! :cool:
  12. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! SW:RC is one of the best FPS I've ever played. How can you call it rubbish!? Don't like the skill involved? Don't like the fact that there is no auto-aim? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't like it being so short...and boring...and sloooowwww...zzzzzzz
  13. It could also be 'Star Wars: The Adventures of Jar Jar Binks'...
  14. Well given that KOTOR was 4000 years before the Empire, and KOTOR II was 5 years after that, then if they follow the pattern then we can look forward to 800 or so more KOTOR games before we get too episode I. I'm sure Obsidian are up for that! :D
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