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  1. Kreia didnt train Sion and Nihilus to combat the True Sith. I doubt that (From their characters) that they had the intent on fighting them. Sion may would have tried to take control of them and Nihilus would probably just consume them, if the True Sith arent as powerful as Sion and Nihilus. However this isnt the case. Kreia, Sion, and Nihilus just happened to stumble apon each other from a point of view.
  2. http://dailybruin.com/news/articles.asp?id=38958 The police were out of line.
  3. Illegal immigrants. George Bush ordered the immigrants to rebuild the Academy before they are sent back to Mexico.
  4. If it were KotOR II then I would want to kill Vogga the Hutt.
  5. Well when he just becomes a Jedi his Force is low. The part of him that levels up now is the Jedi part so the Force will grow in him with time.
  6. Could any of you post some pics of Arkanians here? I been looking but I cant find any .
  7. The DS ending has been keeping me thinking. Malachor isnt destroyed but im not too sure if he just stays or if he leaves. I been thinking that he may have left. Though the title of the scene is "Assuming the Dark Throne" so another possiblilty is that he explores the Trayus Academy to have a better understanding of the Sith. But there were ship reckage in that scene that kinda looked liked they were being pulled to Malachor...But it could have been just the camera going into that nebula
  8. its a glitch. If Revan is DS Carth either runs away or dies. Depends on gender and saying Revan was DS.
  9. I would rather train Chuck Norris in the ways of the Sith. martial arts and the power of the dark side he would be a powerful ally.
  10. Jedi are like herpies: You can suppress them but they never go away
  11. i thought HK-47 was built in a Ford factory...
  12. Im pretty sure her body melts in the core of Malachor V
  13. that one is for both. The choices that will end the conversation between you and Kreia and she dies are: Enough! Die! Trouble me no more! (evil) Rest, Kreia. You no longer have to be here (good) the last dialoug (the core of this planet shall be your grave!) (Now let us see if Malachor will accept your body, Old Woman...) are for when you finish the game as dark side
  14. Dark Jedi robes with the hood up would look cool. In fact Dark Jedi Robes look cooler than the Dark Jedi Knight and Master Robes. Dark Jedi robes were darker while the other too kinda were lighter .
  15. I always thought Neptune looked like a pretty planet...
  16. Chuck Norris fought along side me through most of the game.
  17. sacrificing Kreia's body to Malachor V's core was the only satisfaction.
  18. I chose the second one. It made it cooler when the Exile sacrifices the body of Kreia to the core of Malachor.
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