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  1. Funny stuff! (w00t) http://www.dumb.com/signs.htm My favourit ones: 'Door of a plastic surgeon
  2. Disciple is just too effeminate for my taste. And anyway he would look a lot better if he at least had some designer stubble and a tighter outfit, and spikey hair. "
  3. I've been playing multiplayer fan modules of NWN on NWN-Connections. I've been plaing a fairly regular weekly campaign, though I missed the last session. :D I wonder if that means my char has been killed off. Heh, its all up to the DM I guess. Looking forward to 'Dragon Age'. (w00t)
  4. Well to start of with, you didn't really need to post such flamboyant people to make that statement. But can you go find the pic of a nice, tall, flat-chested big mama chick with broad shoulders and a trunk as wide as that to pose, too? I think it's body shape #2 but with trunks as wide as the hips, and broader shoulders, and beefier arms. And no breasts. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I found a "nice,tall, flat-chested...chick with broad shoulders": http://epipoca.cidadeinternet.com.br/image...wars3_04_pg.jpg Honestly, I'm certain it's a girl Here are some more pics just to confirm her femininity: (w00t) http://hayden.christensen.webpark.pl/gall2.jpg What a nice shade of lipstick http://fotophile.com/reviews/images/200410...or-Wood-HCs.jpg What a pretty pink blouse I think she's quite lovely, actually. Anyway, Revan's robes are supposed to be androgynous for the most part. They practically had to lean more towards the masculine look rather than a more effeminate look, otherwise a whole lot of little fanboys might have cried. While most girls can put up with such things, partiallly because we have little choice because of the fact we live in a male-dominated society, fewer boys can.
  5. But there are so many body shapes: http://www.humsci.auburn.edu/cahs/faculty/...ll/image002.gif Cetainly doesn't seem to have very small hips either: http://img76.photobucket.com/albums/v230/F-Trunks/REVAN.jpg As you can see, men often have tiny hips " http://www.celebrites-selection.com/photos...un%20Tattoo.jpg http://www.poster.net/bloom-orlando/bloom-...kid-4900916.jpg
  6. The official Revan: http://pages.infinit.net/darth/revan4.jpg 'nuff said. The rest is the players making. Revan wallpaper: http://www.sternenschmiede.de/downloads/Revan1280.jpg
  7. (w00t) http://www.fbtb.net/customs/galleries/AceA...eAzzameen12.jpg http://images.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=...%3Doff%26sa%3DN It would be fun to play 'Lego KOTOR' I think. :D
  8. I enjoy a well done game. KOTOR! (w00t) I'm not saying I don't like KOTOR2, just not as much, with all major dissapointments involved.
  9. Supposing it's the male Revan's story, then Carth was told to keep the republic strong ergo that is his priority. And Revan would not have wanted his love, Bastila, to get in harms way. For female, same thing except Bastila as a friend/'sister' instead, and Carth as love.
  10. I don't want Revan and Exile to fight . Why can't they be friends? (w00t) Given the choice between the two, I would much rather play as Revan. Sure the Exile is nice and all, but Revan is so much cooler has all this mystery surrounding him/her. :D How will they deal with the many faces of Revan, I wonder. They could have a kinda spiritual scene where all the possible Revan' s are fighting in the war,( the jedi of the madalorian wars or something) like a memory, and you have to pick out which one is Revan. The LS/DS stuff for later could be done the same way as KOTOR2- dialogue.
  11. Revan has absolutely no taste in underwear, and neither does the Exile (brown, uhh ). In the entire game Saul Karath is the only one to torture anyone in their underwear, therefore I have reached the conclusion that he just wanted to perv at Bastila, as I find it unlikely ,although plausible, that he would want to perv at Carth. Furthermore, since Revan can be either gender it is unlikely that Saul was specifically interested in Revan, unless he is bisexual. I can think of no other reasons for the characters remaining in their underwear after they had initially been searched other than that Saul: 1.) wanted to perv at one or more of the characters 2.) has an artful interest in the body, and wants to take up life drawing 3.) wanted to humiliate them or disempower them 4.) is very greedy and wanted to keep practically all of their stuff, including their clothes, even if they don't fit properly 5.) is into fashion and wanted to see what brand and style of underwear the Jedi and Republic tend to wear
  12. If there were more pretty boys , preferably shirtless , rather than girls or bulky overly muscular men , on the posters or box covers I might be more tempted to play thoses games :D . But hey, I'm already a game addict. "
  13. what are you talking about? lol. You could play both games since the beginning till the end in your underwear, lol. here is a better question: Where does all your gear fit at the end of the game when you have like 500 items on you <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That ...had not occured to me. Just think of it now, a Star Wars game where you can save the galaxy and run around in your underwear! And another thing, there seems to have been more effort put into female Revan's underwear than male Revan, by comparison. 3 different, but generally unattractive types for the 3 classes, while male Revan's is practically all the same except for color. How do I know this? Why I would never begin the game 6 times to check out underwear variations... :ph34r: But now I'm curious to know where the implants are implanted, probably the neck, it's very unhygienic how you can just find one on a corpse and equip it.
  14. Someone posted this on the Bioware KOTOR forums. http://www.matmice.com/home/queereye4kotor Funny.
  15. Bastila was wearing jedi robes when Malak caught her, then in the cinematic she was in her old outfit again, she must have packed it.
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