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  1. "remember that you are special, just like everbody else" :D
  2. I don't find women attractive, but then of course I am one. Hmm. Atton, Carth or Disciple? Well, Carth is sweet but kinda old, and for some reason the whole son thing (Dustil) put me off. Atton is pretty good, but I always got the impression that Disciple had a bigger...lightsabre " Then again, Disciple is boring so I choose Atton. PS. my poll vote went to Bastila coz she is Female Revan's 'sister'.
  3. They wet their robes And there is no shower either, think of all that fighting they do, it must get very smelly on the ebon hawk
  4. Feh, all that copyright stuff just spoils the fun <_< The comic books and games are both part of the starwars franchise, so it would make sense for them to connect for continuity purposes.
  5. You might be able to find some help for that here: http://www.halflifesource.com/forums/
  6. I saw the Carth clip but I never saw bastila, hope that dosen't imply I killed her coz I didn't, at least i don't think my revan killed her
  7. Keep going, you haven't even met any of the main characters yet. :D :cool: Or gotten to the action for that matter.
  8. I liked being called a "padawan" it's sounds so much younger than "jedi"
  9. When Kreia turned DS it was the first time I'd seen her in a slightly different outfit (was it her robes too or just the hair ties?)
  10. I don't know, but it gave me a real mixed up view of Revan Heh, either Rev is a really pretty boy or a really masculine woman; that could give an explanation as to all of the confusion
  11. For me it was Bastila that killed him :ph34r: Carth said something along the lines of Revan not being able to do it, he was right she couldn't be bothered so she ordered the lowly apprentice to do it I felt so guilty about that playthrough that I had to load an old game and re-do it LS. :"> Great pics Sentry . Looking forward to seeing more :cool:
  12. eew , for some reason that just gave me a mental image of a beer-bellied Sion; it's not a pretty picture! Anyway back to sithy skin: it's almost like some kind of transformation, first they go all veiny and then they go grey like they turning into another creature of something. Except backwards, from butterfly to caterpiller or something . De-evolving
  13. I would be more likely to be fooled by a charismatic looking sith pretending to be jedi, than tile face Sion stomping up to me and saying somehting along the lines of don't trust Kreia. I may have believed him if his awful skin wasn't distracting me the whole time. :ph34r: It would be cool if there was a force power called 'force beauty' so sith could go undercover as jedi and vise versa for the jedi. Sion obviously felt confident about his appearance, since he went around shirtless
  14. Glowing orange, as though t'were the fiery pits of hell. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool! (w00t) I want to play as a little green jedi and be nasty and turn orange :D
  15. Sareth Dorn is a cool name, I personally like the sound of Sareth more than Juhani, but that's just my preference. But of course the name Bastila is much prettier than both, so I can see why they used it for the lead NPC girl. :cool: I think I might use Sareth Dorn name next time I play.
  16. Just how "funky" is her hair anyway? I haven't seen that clip.
  17. I'm curious now, as to what a DS Yoda or Vandar would look like.
  18. What do you expect me to say to THAT?
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