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  1. The gravity gun is the best! (w00t) Especially for killing headcrab zombies or at the endgame where it becomes super powerful! :cool:
  2. Visas told my exile that there are certain things she would never do, of cause wearing a skimpy outfit was degrading for my exile so I asked Mira, who told her to wear it herself , but then exile told Mira she was prettier so then Mira wore it.
  3. Feh, in my game even the jedi order couldn't figure out just WHAT Revan was. During the trial sequence a couple of them refered to Rev as a girl, another as a guy and another one swapped Rev's gender between sentences. One time I talked to Kriea and she seemed pretty certain Rev was a woman, but when I talked to her later to refered to Rev as a man.
  4. I definately agree with the "overdid", evil dosen't necessarily mean ugly.
  5. Heh :D Hey excellent point Cathari! Malak, Bastila and Dooku all didn't look as bad as exile and the teachers and students in the sith academy in KOTOR1 didn't either.
  6. Sion. Enjoy! I came home and did this instead of working on my assignment.
  7. Interesting point, I hadn't thought of that. :cool:
  8. I kinda expected the exile to die at the end of the game :ph34r:
  9. Nope the jedi claim to peaceful, but truth is the succesfull ones aren't.
  10. That's cool, but I can't see anything, all I'm getting is the 'Angel Fire hosted image' thing. Maybe you need to try posting those pics again. Anyway, welcome to the boards! (w00t) :D
  11. There should be more of a nuetral option in these games, throwing credits around at the poor is silly and kicking someone in the bottom just for the sake of it is equally pointless in my opinion. Both sides need to more intelligent and cunning. Grey is cool, it's undecided or going with what is more convenient or seemingly going with the flow.
  12. Why do most sith have skin problems? I just don't get Furthermore, why didn't Malak and DS Bastila have any such problems? Some kind of LS moisteriser or maybe the Jedi get health insurance and the sith don't. No Dermatologists, I guess. <_< Anyway it seems so unfair that Revan and Exile have to get bad skin when Malak and Bastila don't. But I can see why revan wore a mask. Hmp, and on a side note the Ebon hawk dosen't have a bathroom and there are no doors in the dormitories, so how do they get any privacy, and there is no kitchen etc
  13. No! But if they absolutely HAD to make official versions, if someone held a gun to a developers head and said what is the official Revan and Exile? Then I say one should be a guy and one should be a girl, one each! That is what I think. Play nice children!
  14. Thanks The next one is Carth, although he turned out a bit too feminine. Haven't got the hang of his hairdo. Anyway, here is the lot so far. As you can see I am an artist
  15. Thanks Saraya! :D I've been using paint for a while, sometimes it's easier to use dots as markers, zoom in and join the dots. You can also use 'select' on shapes to move them around. Some Goto:
  16. Heh :"> A more complete self portrait: And mandalore
  17. A female Carth, but younger and prettier :"> Heh, Carth isn't ugly, okay just younger. :D
  18. Hmm, yes I can see you don't hate homosexuals; you just find them "disgusting". I wouldn't want to contradict myself or anything...
  19. This is all I can be bothered doing. I'm so talented. The middle bottom one is a self portrait by the way.
  20. Aww, a whole sithy family. With mamma Revan, pappa Exile and aunty Bastila. Now THAT sounds evil
  21. Yeah, could be like those bad action movie sequels where they suddenly kill off the main character from the previous film to make room for a less interesting new one. The Exile goes looking for Revan, suddenly a meteor falls on Exiles's head. Now for a new character!
  22. Whoa, Father Grigori is still in the lead! (w00t) I guess insanity sometimes pays off.
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