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  1. Eeewww Still gross, I think Revan's "Privates" should be left alone in the next game.
  2. It is like complaining and nagging in one.
  3. Revan was not only a mighty sith lord, but she was also the prettiest. Which, erm, is consequentially also why she had to wear a mask, to look the part. :ph34r:
  4. There really isn't much point posting these kind of personally directed complaints here, they are not going to reply and remember this is a forum with mostly KOTOR fans. You are just going to make yourself unpopular. <_< I would suggest that you try some different tactics, maybe change the difficulty setting to easy if it isn't set on that or ask ppl on the forums for advice, rather than whinge. And if you are really stuck there are always cheat codes. Try to control your temper a little, we all get frustrated when games aren't going our way, but there is no need to lash o
  5. Cool news. Thanks for the link angshuman
  6. Cos Gordan is the strong silent type, seriously though he never talks AND he's a ONE-MAN-ARMY (w00t) Wow, Father Grigori is winning so far! I would have expected it to be either Alyx or Dog in the lead. :cool:
  7. Well, Sion warns the Exile a few times that about Kreia and at endgame if you are lightside she says "I will see you break before you show me mercy". She also has fun toying with the Jedi Masters.
  8. You can but color lightsabre crystals on Dantooine I think.
  9. Random loot generators are annoying. My first play through I kept getting short lightsabres and no 'real' ones. <_<
  10. Ah yes , short, crisp, right to the point. Cuts down down the usual title length significantly .....but how did Baley get in there?
  11. At least the special effects look good, and it looks like there is a bit more story to go on than the last two films. I just hope the acting\directing has improved since ep2.
  12. HL2 has some of the coolest characters, they did a brilliant job allover. Anyway, most other action games I've played didn't have as in depth and fun characters, but these ones really had personality in my opinion. There is also Odessa Cubbage, Dr Wallace Breen, the Vortigaunts, the Citizens and the Antlions, but I ran out of space. Just pick 'other' for these and mention which you chose out of them. :cool:
  13. That young Kriea pic, which is very nicely done by the way :cool: , makes me wonder what the little padawan Revan must have looked like beside her. Anyway cool drawings.
  14. Blasphemy...he was never bashed by HK-50s ...he kicked their metal asses <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What about when you arrive on on Peragus? They had to make repairs to him then. :cool:
  15. Does anyone know if any of the other characters have links to the comics? It seems like some might, but I am not a comic book reader.
  16. Scary! KOTOR series being taken over by Disney! I do NOT want to hear Kreia sing! And I certainly don't want to see the whole crew start dancing. I wonder what Nihlius would do for his part? Or T3 for that matter.
  17. T3 is one of the few who isn't emotionally scarred, being a mechanoid. And HK-47 had to get repaired more than T3, who got bashed by HK-50 how many times? and kept running. (w00t)
  18. Morrowind is great fun once you get into it, but it's one of those games where you might play consistently for 2 weeks and then not play again for months. Kinda depends on your mood, or if you've got a new game. :cool: Stealing things and getting away with it is fun, lockpicking is good, the thieves guild is fun. Or break into the house treasurys and get more stuff than you can carry! (w00t) So far I've only found the key to Redoran though. If you're early in the game break into Seyda Neen warehouse for heaps of supplies and stuff to sell, and if you skill is high enough break into Ar
  19. Rebellious teenage Jedis! And Malak got a tattoo on his head! (w00t)
  20. Don't know if you have already seen this stuff or not. Sorry if you have already. Anyway, thought this info was kinda cool: [spoilerS] http://www.starwars.com/databank/character...ilashan/?id=bts [spoilerS] I'm not familiar with the comics but I reckon it would have been pretty cool if they had kept some kind of comic book character association. They must have had their reasons for not keeping it that way though. :cool:
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