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  1. ROFL kreia getting her butt kicked by a gizka (w00t)
  2. interesting. a lightsaber weilding gizka (w00t) must be embarasing for anybody that dies by him
  3. LOL well it seems that he suffered some sorta blaster shot to the face (why he has no sight in one eye and his skull is showing on one side of his head ) or got too close to an explosion. probably my last suggestion because it dosnt look like anything penetrated his face just burnt his skin off . of course if i looked like that i would go to the darkside too it could be all three flatus
  4. got a point there. being able to heal around 360 vitality is nice but i dont think i would go that far to learn it :ph34r:
  5. ya he was a pretty cool villian . but i think sion looked a tiny bit eviler and i think the only reason he was able to be defeated is because he just gave up other than that it would last till you ran outta stuff to heal yourself with . but thats just my own opinion although i wonder if he would still live if you chopped his head off
  6. LOL ya i nearly forgot about all those fractures . but all those fractures in one life time clearly a very reckless life (one reason not to go to dark side *points to darth sion* :ph34r: ) but he is my favorite dark jedi on the game though
  7. New to the forums just thought i start a discussion on darth sion and get your opinions and thoughts why he looks like he got trapped in a blender :ph34r: . My opinion is that he was fighting in the mandalorian war and he took on more mandalorians than he could chew . either that or his saber shorted out while in a duel
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