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  1. Well, I've finished KotOR 2 without cheats... and now I wanna experience it WITH cheats... Well, I have used a cheat in my first try, but that was just a test if they work. They did. But now they don't I've done everything, the EnableCheats=1 stuff, have pressed ~ and enter and then tried typing it in but apart from accessing the inventory screen I've done nothing. Help anyone?
  2. Go into the dircetory where u installed the game and open swkotor2.ini with a text editor like notebad. Scroll down to [Game Options] and try to find CurSithLord=[number]. Change that number to anything u wish (1-4) to see ur favorite Sith Lord 1=Darth Sion 2=Darth Nihilus 3=Kreia 4=Your character!
  3. Yeah, I saved just in case (I lost too much credits ). Thx.
  4. not exactly that random, quest items arent tandomly generated
  5. I can enter a swoop race, thing is, when I get trough all the obstacles (in sufficient time) the racemaster rants something about having to finish the run if i wish to make it in the world of swoop-racing. I dont take any turns or anything, maybe there's something I didn;t notice Please tell me whats the problem
  6. Hey, I wanna ask you guys for a big favor... I've stopped playing KOTOR 2 because I got stuck on Gotto's yacht. The idea to play KOTOR 2 again occured me a few days ago, so I wanna ask you if you can walk me trough the Gotto's yacht level... Well, I have the programs RESET, BASIC DIAGNOSTIC, SHUT DOWN and OVERLOAD... I think I need another one, but I can't seem to find it. I;ve checked all sorts of walkthroughs but alas...
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