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  1. What the Sam Hell peed in your coffee this morning? I utterly disagree with nearly everything you've said, and I'm not in the market for a girlfriend, thanks. Jade Empire's romances were not especially deep, Bastila's cute but her attitude sucks and she's an out and out snot. I don't find that at all appealing. She's an immature know it all - and she's shallow as heck. Yes, her voice acting was well done. Kudos to the actress. And the romance between a male Revan and a female Bastila was cliched and not that interesting, imho. Oh, look, I managed to state my opinion with out personal i
  2. Atton mentions it as you Jedify him. Part of the "You were there" speech. The name of the specific planet is eluding me as well! maybe someone has a save near there?
  3. Insulting, and a moronic assumption. I played both games quite a bit, and played a game of 1 after playing through 2 a couple of times. I like 2 way better, and I loved 1. Interestingly enough I do have a brain, and that brain liked the more complex (and less formulaic) story in 2 much better.
  4. PC users can reskin the heads - a friend gave me a couple of redheaded reskins for when I get around to upgrading my puter and getting this for the pc. :D I can't wait.
  5. Visas is not a Sith Lord! And she's certainly not a Dark Side version of the Handmaiden.
  6. She used on them the same technique Nihilus used on her - she severed them from the Force, and they died from it. It uses the same graphics as other attacks, but it's not death field.
  7. My husband's done this, I never could stomach it. lol I'm a wuss about things like that.
  8. Wait, you used all these in the same lightsaber at the same time? How did you accomplish this? I've heard of a glitch that allows you to put many of the same crystal into one saber, but not to put 7 different power crystals into a saber meant to hold two. Was it the same glitch?
  9. (It's a Duros who complains about Helene. Not that this is a crucial detail! lol)
  10. I love that Aayla pic! (And the Padme pregnant pic is also a favorite!) :D
  11. You dont think they look like boneless tentacles? (The hands...) Well, thanks. Everyone loves a little ego stroking. :D I promised the very patient Faramir the Exile/Visas pic a long time ago, but a kiddo with medical problems sort of obliterated my drawing time for a bit there. lol All is well now, and I'm back to fiddling with Photoshop.
  12. XD The wonders of technology! metadigital is exactly right. If you're curious, do a search for adaptive technology for the blind. Adaptive technology is amazing. Or, the low tech version, they snuggle up with a good friend and watch. And certain kinds of shows (discussion, for example) lend themselves better to non-sighted watching. Those one might consider to be impaired at a cursory glance are likely not as impaired as one might believe, especially in a technological age.
  13. LOL! She did have potential, that's quite true. Like Visas, I would think she could go on to become quite an interesting person.
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