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  1. Hmmm, perhaps this is not the right place for this, but then again, this is the tech support spot so where else if not here??!! Anyway, I had a question about the action replay for xbox. Does is have the cheat codes for both Kotor I and II? And as soon as I buy it, can I just plug it into my exbox and start playing? Thankx Annuit Coeptis
  2. Thanks Calax. I've played this game more times than I can count and am familiar with most of the "tricks" but perhaps you would know where would be the best place to find this crystal. I.e. On Dantooine, next to the enclave in the mercenary camp you can find a lot of good crystals there via that salvager chick. Just keep reloading, yeah i know, until you find what you want but does level play an important factor here like it does on Nar Shadaa?
  3. can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where to find the Hurrikaine crystal??!! I have no idea where to aquire it. If it helps, I have an xbox platform - sorry no computer but if there is anyway to enter some type of code, i'd be much appreciative!!
  4. Yes, but only if you're using kotor on a computer and not on the xbox platform. My question is, at what level on the xbox platform do the "gifts" stop coming on Nar Shadaa? And does it matter is you're already a prestige class. My character is already at level 50 but I didn't level him all the way up yet hoping to get some of the more interesting robes from Fassa. And is there anyway in input a cheat code on the xbox platform - if there is, please let me know.
  5. Yes, so please answer this question, how the hell would you move??!! Have you ever seen the speed at which a hutt moves? They're giant slugs for pity's sake!! Picture if you will... A hutt with a lightsaber doing cartwheels in the air during a lightsaber battle!!
  6. I did check out EVERYTHING and still nothing would give this to me. And as for my skill level, all of my skills are above 90 so I don't have any trouble in constructing anything. If there's anyone out there that can still answer my question as to what the "bad strref" means - I've encountered this too in Kotor I as well as a "bad push," I'd be very happy. Thanks again
  7. I didn't use a bondar crystal in my lightsaber. I used, my dark crystal, solari, the barab orb ingot, pontite, kaibur, quixoni and phond and none of those use a "stun" attribute. Since I'm a sith lord, i'm also using an ossus dueling lense and my emitter and power fixture also don't utilize a "stun" attribute, so i'm still puzzled By the way, does anyone out there know what the "bad strref" stands for?? Thanks
  8. Yeah, but do you know which crystal specifically or is there a "crystal combo?"
  9. Well Hello There Ok, speaking of finding things that may or may not be there, what the hell about HK-47's assassination rifle???!!!! STATEMENT: HAS ANYONE EVER FOUND IT???!!!! And if so, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHY.... I've played this game more times than I can shake a stick at and still haven't found it. Even with the randomizer trick, I can't find it anywhere. REPUGNANT SIGH... The circlet of Saresh is out there, just be patient, it'll turn up. And you only need one of anything anyway because you can then just multiply it over 20 times if you want with the tripler trick. Although though, I usually find it when i'm ds and rarely ls - ironic isn't it?!
  10. Well hello there :ph34r: Does anyone know what the "bad strref" refers to? And has anyone here ever gotten "strange" attributes attached to their lightsaber abilities through different lightsaber crystal combinations? I.e. I got on one of mine, "On Hit: Sleep 25% Chance, 6 sec, DC 10." But then again, I was a sith lord using both my black crystal & a solari crystal. My lightsaber stats were as follows: Damage: Energy, 48-66 Bludgeoning: +6-48 vs. Dark Side Damage Bonus: +20 Dark Side, +7-70 Cold, +1-6 Physical, +12-72 Fire Critical Threat: 17-20,x2 +10-100 On Hit: Knockdown DC 18 Attack Modifier: +32 Defence Bonus: 2 Blaster Bolt Deflection: +3 Restricted to Dark Side Restricted to Light Side And this was my WEAKEST lightsaber constructs. Plus, of course, the misc. neccessary crystals like kaibur & quixoni. --> Anyone with any ideas??
  11. Hi All!! I was able to upgrade my crystal all the way to the last permutation. I'ts much easier to do if you're playing the dark side as you gain unlimited XP in the sith tomb on korriban so you can go up to a level 18 (or higher) sith lord/maurader/assassin and after which you can go to kreia and speak with her. She will "focus" on the crystal and it will be at its highest potential.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new here but being that I've played both games too many times that is worth counting... Two of my favourite quotes is from Canderous (Mandalore) whenever he enters a battle scene: and of course
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