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  1. Oddly the patch seemed to have introduced a few new bugs of its own. Like in Raedric's Hold where some doors can't be opened. As for the major gamebreakers, I haven't noticed them so far in my new playthrough. The stat bloat has been fixed I think, as has the double click issue that removed your passive abilities. I'm only at Caed Nua, though (before it is turned into your stronghold). EDIT: And yeah, the disappearing inventory is apparently still an issue. Way to go Obsidian.
  2. I absolutely hate this type of argument. It doesn't, and shouldn't, matter how much blood, sweat and tears someone put into a game. What matters is if it works. Otherwise I could start using the same argument for the architect who drew up a building that ultimately ended up collapsing because of structural mistakes. "But he worked hard! We should still appreciate the effort he put into it!". Not really. Also, you act as if "just putting down the money for the product" is somehow something completely inconsequential. As if those of us who may not have that much money and chose to buy this game knowing it would probably be the only one we could buy for an entire month can have that same cavalier approach to spending cash that you seemingly have. That is kind of disrespectful. Not everyone who experiences a bug, even a severe one, will post about it. Some may choose to play on, some may read the forums and see that others have already addressed the issue and wait, some may simply wait for a patch without making a complaint and so on. Obviously you have no way of knowing how many people out of those who bought it that experience problems. With the activity we do see here and with the number of people who report the same issues, it's probably a fair bet that these bugs plague a lot of copies of the game.
  3. They are. Permanent debuffs, bloated stats that remove any challenge, inventory disappearing (including critical items), broken stronghold, broken ranger class. These are not minor annoyances. Good for you. I believe you if you say you're not experiencing these bugs, but the rest of us are. And it's perfectly fine that we're pissed about it. Yes, it is. It's not fine to go around trash talking about how the game is broken and Obsidian is terrible. For the vast majority of users it works just fine with few to no problems. That's a functional piece of software. Judging by the activity in this subforum and the tons of people who flood to it to report various bugs, I somehow doubt that. But even then, the fact that it causes a sizable amount of players problems is enough to warrant frustration and anger. It's perfectly justified. At the end of the day, it's hard to know just how huge a portion of the buyers that are experiencing problems. It could be that people on this particular forum are a loud and noisy minority (which doesn't change that the anger is still justified), but it could also be that many, many people have problems but some choose not to post because there are already countless threads. So far I've seen a lot of people complain, including many on other forums as well. I don't feel disrespected by Obsidian in the slightest. I'm studying computer programming myself and I know that managing complexity is the main problem in software development, and complexity leads to bugs, some amount of which are always unavoidable. There's no QA team that can find bugs more efficiently than thousands of people using your software at the same time; that's the reason why there're always undetected bugs on release, because budget is limited in every project and only a certain amount of that budget goes to QA. There's no perfect software. All software endures a period of maintaining after release, it's common and normal. They are working in a patch, it will be released, and everybody will forget the "ofenses" in less than a month, as it always happens. There are more important things in life than waiting for a videogame patch. Well, I can't really argue with your experience as a programmer seeing as I have no such experience myself. But I've played plenty of games that were much better optimized and playable at launch than this game. The multitude of serious bugs and the number of people who experience them makes me think all of this isn't just down to 'standard issues that plague every game', but insufficient testing. Otherwise every new game would be plagued by bugs that almost makes them unplayable - at least for a sizable amount of the people who bought it - but this isn't always the case. I believe this is a matter of poor business practices (releasing a buggy game knowing there will be no consequences and the players will help fix the issues) more than anything else. But I'll admit that I don't know this for sure. As for that last part, yes, there are more important things. But so what? If I buy a product now I want to be able to use it now, not in a month. The fact that you think I care too much and "should just wait" is unrelated to the discussion and seems like a passive aggressive attempt at an insult.
  4. They are. Permanent debuffs, bloated stats that remove any challenge, inventory disappearing (including critical items), broken stronghold, broken ranger class. These are not minor annoyances. Good for you. I believe you if you say you're not experiencing these bugs, but the rest of us are. And it's perfectly fine that we're pissed about it.
  5. I get the pleasure of knowing I'm mature and rational enough to wait a couple of weeks for some patches. What's mature and rational about defending someone who treats you with disrespect? Obsidian (and many, many other devs) obviously hold a certain amount of disregard towards their own customers by essentially making them unpaid beta testers for their products, rather than actually polishing them before release (or, at minimum, warning people that the product in question is buggy). That you try to frame it as if those who then complain about these practices are somehow immature and irrational is frankly an insult. I think you're mistaking maturity for meekness, which is what you're displaying by (let me repeat this) defending a company whom you gain absolutely nothing by defending. I don't understand this line of reasoning. You seem to think that because Skyrim is buggy that it's then acceptable that PoE is too. Why? Why does one half baked product justify the existence of another? If one restaurant serves you a bad sandwich it's then fine that the rest do too? You fanboys amaze me.
  6. Very disappointed as well. I frankly don't understand the fanboys who feel the need to defend Obsidian, as if it's somehow in their own interest to do so. What do you get out of defending a half finished product that thousands of players are unwillingly beta testing?
  7. Well I wouldn't exactly call it "inexcusable", considering this game has far less "gamebreaking bugs" than most AAA titles these days and those have budgets that amount to 100s of millions of $. Personally I did notice several bugs while playing, but none of them were "game-breaking", some repeat audio problems (when I turned short tutorial msgs), that I fixed by disabling tutorial msgs all together, several small combat issues when I got interrupted while trying to drink a potion, stacking active effects bug (strangely only on my main character, I noticed totaly by accident that my fire-godlike's battle forged DR stayed active non-stop and stacked with itself) and a minor issue of Monk's Transcendent Suffering not being affected by Might dmg increase. Still the game is more than playable, especially when compared with some other recent games that were launched in a state so broken you couldn't play for more than 10 minutes without crashing to desktop due to memory leaks, directX violation or just plain simple code problems. Not to mention some older games that had their main quest totally broken that you needed to use cheat codes to progress further (Sacred 1, VTM: Bloodlines). All in all PoE came out in a pretty decent state (IMO), there are still buggs but hopefully Obsidian will fix them soon enough, and TBH I prefer to wait for them to make a good patch and address these issues corectly, than have them rush a hotfix that ends up causing more problems than it solves (Hello Bioware!). The fact that other titles are more broken than PoE doesn't really absolve Obsidian of blame. And the fact that you, personally, haven't experienced the same bugs as others doesn't mean they're not there. Also, even if the bugs are not gamebreaking, they can still undermine your enjoyment of the game severely (which I already explained). When I play a game I want to relax, not constantly worry that if I forget to check my character stats every other minute I might be stuck with a permanent debuff. So yeah, the game is not totally broken and it came out in a better state than some other titles. You somehow seem to think that this makes everything acceptable, which quite frankly I don't get. Obsidian might manage a slightly higher standard than some triple A studios when it comes to dealing with bugs, but the standard is obviously still too low compared to what should be acceptable.
  8. Nothing beats coming home after a hard day's work expecting to play Pillars of Eternity for a few hours before going to bed, only to realize the thing is so buggy you end up spending those hours performing the role of an unpaid game tester instead. This game is great, but the state it has been released in is inexcusable. Why do developers keep doing this (don't bother answering, I know why, it's because we keep accepting it)? So far I have encountered five bugs that, while not strictly game breaking, are still bad enough that I'm not going to play this game again until they're fixed. Some of these issues may have been acknowledged by Obsidian, but I'll list them anyway (I'm not scrolling through every thread to see if they have): - Plague of insects never wears off and the debuffs are permanent. - A character's inventory will vanish when dismissing him/her from the party and then adding him/her later on. - If you gain an additional weapon slot either through leveling or due to racial bonus (island Aumaua) it gets locked again after a while (this also happens to the Aumaua companion). - You don't receive any taxes from the stronghold. They don't appear in the treasury and they don't get transferred directly to your inventory either. - The hirelings at the stronghold don't get paid (game keeps listing them as currently unpaid even if you have more than enough money to pay them). The last two may not be bugs, but I suspect they are. Even if they aren't, the first three (plus all the ones that have been mentioned in this thread) are enough that I can't enjoy the game due to always being on the look out for things that might potentially break or diminish it. I don't really care much for excuses. I paid 40 euros for this product, so it should work. Get it fixed. It's not gamebreaking, just as ~95% of the others bugs mentioned here. I'm playing a Cipher on hard difficulty and had this bug since I equipped that amulet as well. It's annoying and kinda spoils the fun of playing a Cipher but it's by no means at all gamebreaking... You guys should think a bit more before you call a bug gambreaking. A bug might make the game less fun or even frustrating to play but gamebreaking means you literaly can't play the game anymore, even if you could get over being annoyed or frustrated about a bug. I have bugs too, I'm annoyed and sometimes frustrated too that the game got through QA in this state but this overdramatizing that is going on here, calling every little bug gamebreaking is ridiculous... Also, some of you who cry for patches and demand to get the patch yesterday should maybe give this http://mrlizard.com/rants/why-havent-they-fixed-this-bug/ a read, even though it's mainly about MMOs it also applies to other games. just my 2 cents Why are we getting bogged down by this pointless discussion about whether or not a bug is game breaking? The point is that many of these bugs are severe enough that they ruin/interfere with many people's enjoyment of the game. That is bad enough.
  9. I'm having the same issue. I'm also playing as an island Aumaua and at some point my third weapon slot got locked. Same for the Aumaua companion (whose name I've forgotten).
  10. I experience the exact same thing. Hugely frustrating. One workaround is to add all of your character's items to the stash prior to dismissing him/her, but obviously that's just short term. This needs fixing.
  11. Why should the color of someones lightsaber represent their personality? That's like saying somebody who's wearing red clothes is evil.
  12. Being neutral doesn't equal being some static dolt, never doing anything.
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