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  1. Ok most I hated Vrook(what a surprice )-for all reasons posted before.I was pretty much annoyed when Atris refuses to give me back my lightsaber aswell. P.S. I didn't like the selkaths and their voices too
  2. Well, as Bulgaria will not participate in the World Cup.I will probably have to support the other Balkan countryes Croatia(even if they were one of the main reasons for us not to qualify for the WC )and Serbia and Montenegro. Oh and...T&T are cool!!!
  3. I haven't encountered this, but still it's pretty interesting
  4. Probably Handmaiden.I haven't used Disciple much ,as for the handmaiden she was good in melee and a nice sparing partner
  5. LS for me. I played DS and really didn't enjoy it much.Being cruel is probably against me.
  6. Lonna Vash because she seems to be less arogant then the other jedi masters, Zez-Kai-Ell clost second
  7. Nice one Zulu. I definetly like it Sentry- Baley looks....so real in your pic Nicely done though
  8. The numbers of posts P.S in the way off topic forum you will probably get even more answers
  9. Nice one KQD,hope to see it finished soon
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