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  1. What the Sam Hell peed in your coffee this morning? I utterly disagree with nearly everything you've said, and I'm not in the market for a girlfriend, thanks. Jade Empire's romances were not especially deep, Bastila's cute but her attitude sucks and she's an out and out snot. I don't find that at all appealing. She's an immature know it all - and she's shallow as heck. Yes, her voice acting was well done. Kudos to the actress. And the romance between a male Revan and a female Bastila was cliched and not that interesting, imho. Oh, look, I managed to state my opinion with out personal insults. You may want to look into how to do that. it's a useful skill. (and part of maturing as a human being.)
  2. Atton mentions it as you Jedify him. Part of the "You were there" speech. The name of the specific planet is eluding me as well! maybe someone has a save near there?
  3. Insulting, and a moronic assumption. I played both games quite a bit, and played a game of 1 after playing through 2 a couple of times. I like 2 way better, and I loved 1. Interestingly enough I do have a brain, and that brain liked the more complex (and less formulaic) story in 2 much better.
  4. PC users can reskin the heads - a friend gave me a couple of redheaded reskins for when I get around to upgrading my puter and getting this for the pc. :D I can't wait.
  5. Visas is not a Sith Lord! And she's certainly not a Dark Side version of the Handmaiden.
  6. She used on them the same technique Nihilus used on her - she severed them from the Force, and they died from it. It uses the same graphics as other attacks, but it's not death field.
  7. My husband's done this, I never could stomach it. lol I'm a wuss about things like that.
  8. Wait, you used all these in the same lightsaber at the same time? How did you accomplish this? I've heard of a glitch that allows you to put many of the same crystal into one saber, but not to put 7 different power crystals into a saber meant to hold two. Was it the same glitch?
  9. (It's a Duros who complains about Helene. Not that this is a crucial detail! lol)
  10. I love that Aayla pic! (And the Padme pregnant pic is also a favorite!) :D
  11. You dont think they look like boneless tentacles? (The hands...) Well, thanks. Everyone loves a little ego stroking. :D I promised the very patient Faramir the Exile/Visas pic a long time ago, but a kiddo with medical problems sort of obliterated my drawing time for a bit there. lol All is well now, and I'm back to fiddling with Photoshop.
  12. XD The wonders of technology! metadigital is exactly right. If you're curious, do a search for adaptive technology for the blind. Adaptive technology is amazing. Or, the low tech version, they snuggle up with a good friend and watch. And certain kinds of shows (discussion, for example) lend themselves better to non-sighted watching. Those one might consider to be impaired at a cursory glance are likely not as impaired as one might believe, especially in a technological age.
  13. LOL! She did have potential, that's quite true. Like Visas, I would think she could go on to become quite an interesting person.
  14. No, ime the best way to see them is to wait to get the quest until you are ready to go down to the planet. Once you have permission from the Ithorians (if you're playing lightside) get the quest from Grenn, head over to Czerka to watch them escape, then head right to the shuttle and down to the planet. That's worked every time for me. The other bounties can be completed after returning to Telos later. However, in order to get Grenn to help with the smuggling quest, you do have to do that one before you leave for the planet's surface.
  15. Blind people can watch TV and use PCs. Amazingly enough they can divert and entertain themselves just as well as the sighted people around them, ime. I like Visas better. Handmaiden had all the personality of a stone, to me. She was rigid and seemed to have little concept of any kind of grey area in anything. It was like conversing with an arrogant preteen in the body of a nearly-naked woman.
  16. Thanks! And yeah... I draw everybody I draw naked, usually. :"> I'm lazy. The folds and textures of clothing boggle me. Skin is easy - there's generally no drape and the texture is smooth. LOL
  17. Nevermind, couldnt' stand that Handmaiden, took 5 seconds to crop the finished one: You may have noticed I'm terrible at hands. Hopefully not as bad as I am at clothes, because I have not figured out how to draw people with no hands yet...
  18. Here's Handmaiden: I ended up changing her face a bit in the final pic, haven't updated the preview yet... There's Mira... And there's the Visas everyone has prolly seen already.
  19. You get Visas because you only get Handmaiden when you have more influence with her - not that there's ever a very blatant romance with any character in this game. The dual Meditation with Visas and Sion calling the female Exile beautiful are the most outright bits at all.
  20. Hehe, yes, I wanted to show her relaxed and happy. I don't usually paint clothes - I hate it and I'm no good at it. And I think it shows. (I have done several nudes of the crew, and while they're not kinky or anything, they're not PG13! I can post the censored versions here if people want to see them?)
  21. And I am no good at drawing clothes, at all. so, sorry it took so dang long! LOL
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