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  1. Kodin's part is not unique. The Central Processor and the Control Cluster are both buyable, and you loot one of them off of the HK-50s on Telos. The Chassis and Vocabulator are unique.
  2. I've never seen the chassis for sale, ever. You get it in Vogga's warehouse. You must loot the HKs.
  3. I'd be willing to consider the chassis as a maybe (though I doubt it) but the Vocabulator is not available anywhere.
  4. The vocabulator and Chassis are unique and unbuyable parts. If you did not loot them off of HK-50s who are unavoidable due to plot, then you can't build HK-47. The control cluster and central processor are buyable, with merchants on Dantooine, Nar Shadaa, on Onderon.
  5. You'd be surprised, Brunhilde. The men who like me best always seem to be the ones whose heads I've ripped off at least once. *shrugs*
  6. Like I said, it's a nifty and interesting story. :D I don't know that the Jedi hate mercs and bounty hunters either.
  7. That's your theory, right (Zez-Kai Ell rescuing Mira and training her)? You aren't presenting that as fact? Because I did not get that feeling at all. But it is a nice story.
  8. She said she was working for G0t0, but she lied. She was working for Zez Kai-Ell. She tells you that after the escape from the droid yacht. She follows because she's Force Sensitive, and because she's drawn to the Exile. The Exile gathers in the lost and wounded one way or another. There are people like that IRL. *eyes the line of weirdos following her dh*
  9. Does the Dxun one always work for you, Lady Crimson? Because I've not found it reliable. It is more fun than the shyrack caves when it works, though.
  10. That has very little to do with why I enjoyed either game. There's no greater glamour in playing for me just because in one game I get to be someone with a higher military rank. Added to that, the Exile is not just "some Jedi". LOL
  11. To get the Pazaak in my head bit, you need to do the training with Kreia that allows you to hear the thoughts of your companions. There's two levels of this. And you have to talk to him on the Ebon Hawk. To turn Mira into a Jedi, you have to have a decent influence with her, and take her out on Nar Shadaa. Tell her she seems less restless there, and go on to offer to show her where she can hear the Force on Nar Shadaa. Then take her over to the spot in the Central Hub where Kreia stopped you and talked about the "real Nar Shadaa" - in front of the Cantina area.
  12. I think I got that from the Sith holocron on Korriban, with Revan set as ds. As for the Meditation Envy mentioned up a couple posts, that is still in the game, and I get even with Atton as a Jedi.
  13. I love Wookiees. Hanharr is extremely creepy. I hate having him on the Ebon Hawk. I shudder to think of waking up in a bunk and seeing him standing over me, slavering, gnashing, whatever he does. He really, really creeps me out. So I'd say he's a well done character. But *shudders*.
  14. I like it. You have a good eye for detail. Have you considered posting at the fanart forums?
  15. Lady Crimson, I love that Atton sequence.
  16. Had to chase the kids out of the room for the Cargo hold though.. LMAO
  17. I the colors. So much energy! Thanks for showing it to us!
  18. The Ebon Hawk flying off is not the end of the game - the scene with Kreia is the end. The Ebon Hawk flying off is just a visual way to say "The End" without actually having to type it onscreen. It's just the back cover of the book.
  19. Yep, Kotor 1 was Live enabled. Kotor 2 is not. Even if a patch was made, Xbox users would have no way to access it.
  20. See, Hive? *goes and makes more popcorn* This is great. Who needs Springer, I ask you.
  21. Huh? I'm a big fan of your confusiasms, but that one really threw me off.
  22. bhk, I'd like to introduce you to the concept of humor. Have you met?
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