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  1. I always figured it was his backup plan, in case something came up that HK had to be prepared for.
  2. I've gotten all those things. They're pretty nifty. Not all in one game, though.
  3. That Mission is pretty nice! Very cute. Like Mission!
  4. I just keep doing it until she disappears. Lots of lightside points. Or I give up and do the Apathy is Death bit.
  5. It's definitely interesting. Looks like the son of Goliath and Sion, but far too adorable to be menacing. Of course, that could work, like the bunny toward the end of Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.
  6. I enjoy Robert Asprin's Myth series. For that matter I enjoyed the Theives World books, which have material by him. In the Dragonlance series, besides the original books (which I adored) I also really enjoyed the short stories books, a set of three that came out right afterwards. Tales, maybe? (My daughter's name is Silvara, and she could certainly pull off a tiny, four year old dragon.) I love Mercedes Lackey, the Vanyel books and all the Herald books, and pretty much all her stuff. And also Anne McCaffrey. I also love Orson Scott Card. Are we talking high fantasy or speculative fiction in general, which includes SciFi?
  7. I liked Juhani. And she was my daughter's favorite. She was Juhani for Halloween, so Juhani will always have a soft spot in my heart. I like the way it ended up.
  8. It's on his character page toward the beginning of the book. It describes him as Atton "Jaq" Rand.
  9. The name "Jaq" comes from the Prima Guide. Fairly unreliable, but there it is.
  10. AFAIK is as far as I know, and far more readable then whatever you just said.
  11. Your hands are quite nice! Hands are the hardest for me. The whole thing has a nice clean style - Great work!
  12. The cheat node and the cheat console are not the same. I've never been able to activate the cheat node either, but several people I find trustworthy tell me they have. They also tell me it's basically useless, and not worth the effort.
  13. It's nifty! I love that Kreia, and Atton looks so sinister!
  14. I'd love to see your sketches colored, Odinson... they're quite nice as is! Here's something that you might find helpful: Phoq's Photoshop Tutorial!
  15. Sion definately loves the female Exile... boy is he vicious to the male Exile! I know exactly what you mean about the "he's a fool" ending, that's why I was compelled to write my little bit: After The Rescue It's pretty short, only two pages printed, but it left my poor Exile much more satisfied with the ending! LOL
  16. He claims his ability to cunningly avoid diaper duty just at the moment the baby poops is a superpower. *thinks evil thoughts about hubby*
  17. I've atually made several Kotor Sims, just the heads... My Sims Page.
  18. Just butting in... please don't ever use the word "retard" to mean stupid. Not only is it very bad English (retard being a verb, not a noun) it is also extremely hurtful to developmentally delayed people like my beloved son.
  19. All my coins (American) clearly state what worth they are - the penny says "one cent", the nickel says "Five cents" and the Quarter says "One Quarter Dollar". I don't have any dimes at the moment. <_< The ancient Norse used to store cow urine. They waited until it was potent and then they boiled their white clothing in it. They had very white whites. Some ancient tooth-cleaning remedies involved urine as well. Yummo. Lightning can actually enter the human body through the eyes, and a human can be struck and have no burns. Only about 14% of those struck have serious burns. It can take 2 years or more for all of the damage of a lightning strike to show up. Some of the damage that may not immediately show up included areas of necrosis on the internal organs, shorting out of the natural heart pacemaker, and areas of damage in the brain itself. (My husband was struck. )
  20. Laozi, there you go, killing me again. (w00t) My kids love Steve Irwin... Anyway, I found this interesting thread on the Mandalorian Language: Mandalorian for Dummies!
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