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  1. Exactly so, Incredulous. And we don't get referred to as Earthlings because we don't interact with beings from other planets.
  2. She's talking about Bao, I believe. I laughed for a good bit when I blew myself up in that room with all the conduits in the Enclave sublevel.
  3. The cheat console in Kotor 2 is invisible. It's there, but you can't see it. KSE is a better (and funner) option.
  4. I never saw anything like that. I saw it say Revan knew of the dark power of the place and used that (positioned that battle there) to take advantage of it, but nothing that said Revan was on the surface at the time. Even as powerful as Revan might have been, he/she couldn't have expected to survive the Mass Shadow Generator. Bao specifically says that Revan was not at the battle. Illbleed mentions Kreia saying something, but I've never heard her say Revan was at Malachor during the battle in some 13 games.
  5. That's what I assumed, though I would think Kreia also inflicted her share.
  6. The game itself tells you Nihilus was created at the battle of Malachor, and that Revan was not present for that battle. Bao-Dur: Revan was delayed outsystem by Mandalorian Scout Ships.
  7. Nihilus became what he is at the battle of Malachor. 1. Revan was not even present at that battle. 2. Revan went on to become Darth Revan and do all the Revan stuff, while Nihilus was already in existance. So no, Nihilus could not be Revan.
  8. Heck, I'll take any of those I can get!
  9. I'll put it up at picturetrail when it's done, and you can do as you like with it. :D I don't consider I own any of these images, really. I don't mind a nice thread derailment... those can be quite fun.
  10. Oh, I'm not worried about the age thing. (32 here) I can work on an Exile/Visas pic... which Exile do you like? I have one project to do first, so it might be a little bit (a week-ish?)
  11. I actually have a Visas pic, but not a Visas/Exile pic. I draw them on paper, scan them in, and play with Photoshop. I am terrible at clothes. Is the pg-13 version of my Visas. Metadigital... not many people call me sane... it's nice.
  12. She wasn't blind when she was young. Metadigital, aren't I adorable?
  13. Haha! Are you saying I'm Kreia-like? You flirt. Actually, there's a pic of me at my board, and that up there is not me.
  14. (It's a movie, The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman, theme song by Simon and Garfunkle.)
  15. Jolee's voice actor has done a lot of things, but we watch Lilo and Stitch the most, where he voices Captain Gantu. "Does this look infected to you?"
  16. That's not quite an accurate description. Glass is not a fluid, and it is not really a solid either. The easiest to read explanation I've found is HERE (Bunny Wuffles Sims page). She also has more links to info there.
  17. I'm with you on the Gold Box SSI games. I miss them. I actually have Pool of Radiance and all its companions, but I can't seem to make them work properly on my computer (way too fast).
  18. Why don't you list for us what you have done so far, and we can tell you if you've forgotten anything.
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