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  1. It's useless, Hive. We should just sit back and enjoy the show. Make some popcorn, you know? Hmmm. So, Starwarsresearcher... who shot JFK?
  2. I'm so glad we have you here to make up our facts. But on the other hand, you have no clue what you are talking about. The factory was cut due to time constraints, that's been flat out said by the developers, iirc. But I eagerly await the next installment of: "The Universe According to StarWarsResearcher! Or, why research when you can just make it up!"
  3. This is a silly and pointless argument. Good grief.
  4. Oh, definately. But I'm glad there's a mod to let you play it anyways, just for the story value.
  5. His name is Mical, and my "Gack" was because I'd hate him as a love interest. If I can't have Bao, give me Atton. I'll take Visas before Disciple.
  6. I love both games, and love Kotor 2 more. It's a more subtle story, but I like that. I do miss the companion side-quests, but all in all found 2 to be more engrossing and more enjoyable. Everyone talks about the "huge" plot twist in 1, but it wasn't that huge, to me. Even if it had been, it wouldn't make a story all on it's own. I miss the companion side quests because of what they added to the companions' characters, but the characters were defined quite well in 2 without those quests. (And yes, I did everything in the blocked out section. LOL)
  7. They don't get killed then, they get captured.
  8. Hive - the ds female cut ending, in which Revan can choose not to kill Carth, and dies with him as the Star Forge is destroyed.
  9. That greater storm beast was so easy that on my last game, I laughed him off, didn't save, and nearly had my derriere handed to me. It was very humbling. And when that thing is running at me, no matter how I know I can take it in a fight - I always freak out at least a little. I love the Cannocks. I miss the Gizka though. They coo when you pet them.
  10. It was amusing. I'm sure I'll badly paraphrase, but Atton says, when you meet him the first time on Peragus: "Are you an Angel? Ah, just kidding, that's the worst line I've ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it." He goes on to talk about how he wasn't even supposed to be in the game (I shudder at the thought of an Attonless game!), that he was originally slated for a Jedi Knight game but he doesn't want to talk about what happened "there". The handmaiden tells the male Exile some Echani poetry, on request, mentioning something along the lines of "Personal shields, I love you so... fighting with you and crafting you..." So it's not crucial, and it adds nothing plotwise, it's just a little bit of candy.
  11. I've played 1 pretty recently. Revan would almost certainly have had to build the HK factory sometime after the bombing of Telos, so there is no need for Revan to have to fight a battle against the Republic in order to get there. Malak bombs Telos, Telos belongs to the Sith. Revan begins building the secret HK base. Some time thereafter, Malak shoots Revan out of the sky in some other battle. Revan is remade. There's no way the HK factory could have been on the Star Forge (not Forage), because in a ls Revan game it was destroyed. The navicomputer is locked because Revan does not want anyone to follow him/her (until after passing Kreia's test at Malachor). It has nothing to do with the HK factory.
  12. I got it beating the game twice light side. Nothing I've noticed with Atris though, just Atton for a female and Handmaiden for a male.
  13. You are making it up. It is never stated or implied in KOTOR 1 that Revan was never at Telos. Your reasoning, even on the "a busy Sith lord only has so many hours in the day" argument is quite flawed. You're honestly trying to say that Revan did not have the free time to work on bringing about Revan's total plan to unite/take over the entire galaxy? You are trying to tell me that, as part of this master plan that was so important to Revan that Revan sacrificed his/herself to the darkside (not fall, but sacrifice, in Kreia's words), with a terrible threat waiting in the darkness.... even with all that, Revan simply did not make the time to carry out what had to be done? Baloney. Bologna. BS. The Jedi Civil war lasted what, 4-5 years? And in all that time, Revan never got a chance to start up the HK factory? ... Yeah, right.
  14. I like the tone of Peragus. Running around naked and alone, trying to figure out what happened to you and who did it, and what happened to all the miners - very creepy.
  15. Read my posts. Read anyone's posts. We're not talking about destroying Telos. Malak did that. We all know it, we all acknowledge it. You are saying Revan never visited Telos at all, post-Malak bombing or pre-Malak bombing. You can't know this. It is not possible to know this. You are making it up and presenting it as fact. It is pretty obvious, because the HK factory is on Telos, that Revan visited Telos at least once sometime in Revan's lifetime. Revan visited Telos. Revan did not bomb Telos. OK?
  16. I don't know if you can get another powercell, but the pylon-activating console can be fixed up by someone with a high Computer skill and one computer spike, so you don't have to use your power cell.
  17. You keep saying Revan has never been to Telos as if this were gospel fact, when in fact you pulled it out of the air. The fact the game was rushed has nothing to do with where the factory is, was, or ever will be; and nothing to do with Revan's travel history.
  18. I can't take you even an ounce seriously when you use the word "retards" as an insult. First off, that's a verb. Secondly, using any variation of the word "retarded" to mean stupid is erroneous, vicious, and small. My son is retarded, he is not stupid. My sister in law is stupid, she is not retarded. See how that works? When you've gained a little maturity that allows me to see past your first few lines, I'd love to re-read your post and talk about what you have to say.
  19. For someone who calls themselves a researcher, you do remarkably little of it. It is an incontrovertible fact that the HK factory is on Telos. And why can you not wrap your mind around the idea that Revan not bombing Telos in no way implies that Revan never visited Telos? I've visited many places that I have not bombed. And interesting and overlooked fact on your part is that Revan lived for years and years before the Mandalorian wars and then again for at least several years after. Plenty of time to visit Telos and anyplace else Revan took a fancy to. BTW, there's even sound files with HK-47 flat out stating that the factory is on Telos. Why do you keep arguing about this? It only diminished any other point you might have. There is no dishonor in admitting that you were wrong.
  20. Nope, now I must disagree you. Bao-Dur... LOL He's my favorite companion character.
  21. No, I've played the modded save on the Xbox that opens that area up. That is in fact the HK factory in the sublevel of the Telos military base. It's unfinished, but pretty amusing in several spots, and it's quite interesting to play.
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