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  1. Ok thanks I know what to do now. Just one more question. You know there is a couple of aliens who wants you to find their leader at that gas-pub. I can't find him. Is he in the closed room and then how do you open it?
  2. All right, thanks for the help but I'm still stuck on Nar Shaddaa. What I really need to know is how you find Goto so that I can get on with the main quest.
  3. Now that I think about it I got the power cell and I must have put it in that computer because all three of them are active now. So what do I do now? I'm supposed to track down that exchange boss, Goto was it? I figured you would need the airspeeder for that and now you tell me it's too late to get the power cell...
  4. In Nar Shadaar you are supposed to get the power cell for the swoop bike. Where do you get it? It is from that Ithorian after you do a sidequest for him, right? So I did the sidequest and he told me I would get the power cell and then he dissapeared and I went to the bike and it still told me I had to have the power cell. So what's up?
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