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  1. I did do her hair as a seperate layer, but the wet-like-ness is just painting over the black with a white set at a low tranparency. And I adore learning anything about photoshop.
  2. What site? Never mind, I see it, wow, that is a fun browse!
  3. It bothers me that Vaklu would choose to lie and break laws to achieve his aims, not to mention the whole allying with the sith business. I don't think he's a good ruler, I think he's power-hungry and an egomaniac.
  4. Firstly, this is the first time I've photoshopped any of my sketches, and secondly, if it bothers anyone, I'll take it down.
  5. It's at the second green dot from the top left. A rectangular room with the green dot smack in the middle. There's a missile with a proton core in there, and a console at the opposite end of the room you need to use to access that.
  6. I made a Visas pic with no hood, but she's got bare shoulders and everything (though I only show to the shoulders-ish). So I'm not sure it's postable here.
  7. Vashanti is correct, Geeda will have one if you do her quest.
  8. It's no big deal, it just explains the whole no horns thing.
  9. You can't have Atton there, so I don't see why the programmers would program it as if he where. Disciple's Inf is always a bit glitchy with me. That exact thing always happens there for me too.
  10. Atris admits to doing that. In your final battle with her, one of the conversation trees leads to her confessing she is the one who sold the Exile out to the Coreward Databases.
  11. Seems as good a reason to fall to the Dark Side as any. "
  12. You have a good eye for detail! And your proportions seem good too.
  13. Midnight Hawk... My brain is sleeping. Do you post under a different name at Kotorfanmedia? I seem to recall you do, and I don't want to misdirect people.
  14. That's sort of the way I saw it too, with the added part of Atris leaking the Exile's whereabouts to the Coreward Databases.
  15. Go here: KotOR Fan Media. My own Atton and the Exile fanfic is there (it's just a little bite of a thing), as well as Midnight Hawk's lengthier and very enjoyable Atton fanfics. There's also fabulous artwork (including Aimo, Eisu, and Eji! *happy squeal!*) and so much fan fiction, you could read happily for days. I especially recommend Exile's funny as heck fan art, and Darth Madolin's (a fellow Bao-phile), and of course Aimo, Eisu, Eji, Phoq, Rimwalker.... gawd, there's too many.
  16. The mercenary on Manaan was IridoRian, not IridoNian. Bao is an Iridonian Zabrak. I'd assume if he was born on Tattooine he'd be an Tattooine...ese... Zabrak. Like I always explain, I'm a human from Minnesota. I'm both a Human and a Minnesotan. It works the same for Bao (and presumabley Maul, I hadn't realized he was also from Iridonia.)
  17. After playing this last time, I guess I've come to conclude Kreia may not have intended the death of the Force - that it was all part of the test she was giving the Exile.
  18. There is no comment I could make that will not be extremely cheesy. Ok, the comments exist, but they would not amuse me half as much.
  19. I adore Atton, and there are things I really like about the Disciple - if I'm forced to admit it: but they're not Bao-Dur.
  20. I like Vrook, but then if I hated everyone who I found annoying I'd hate most people at some point.
  21. If you've told HK to stop asking who you want killed, and then in the next conversation ordered him to cut the exposition, then you can't install the upgrade. You just won't get the option. So let him have his fun. LOL
  22. That sounds fun. I so need to get this for PC.
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