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  1. Where was the Droid Factory located? I note that there appears to be two doors leading to a hallway and large blocked area at the Nar Shaddaar docks. Was this the intended location?
  2. Okay, finished the game tonight. You gotta admit it was hacked at the end. I left the Ravager, and the next thing I knew I was crashing on Malachor. At least in K1 I got another unkown planet first. I do have some Q's, though. 1. Remote: I got no resolution to this part of the story after Goto showed up. Is there more? What did I do wrong? 2. Mira got to fight Big H, but then I never saw her again. Was this right? Can I find her, OR ANY COMPANION, on the surface? 3. Bao Dur: Was he dead? The hologram to Remote suggests it ("If you are seeing this...), but Kreia talks of his future at the end. 4. Darth (EDIT) SION: It took beating him about 6 or 7 times for me before I got him to just die. Is this normal? What's the sequence? Is it affected by the chosen dialogue? 5. No end movie: Was I missing someting???????? I liked the game, and the story. The hints at greatness were frustrating amidst the obvious rushed ending. From the Ravager forward, I kept noticing empty rooms that should have been fleshed out with quests, enemies, items, etc. In the end, kudos to Obsidian for updating some of the game play and incorporating the create item functions, but shame on Obsidian for doing what Bioware would not ever do and caving to timing pressures. Or, maybe they just can't meet deadlines? I work in a time-crunch job myself, so my sympathies only go so far.
  3. Holy unfairness, Whystalker. Online I don't expect folks to be exactly astute in their grammatic -- heck, who is? Additionally, try to remember that non English speakers may be using the site.
  4. See, now there's a healthy attitude. Got a bf, btw? "
  5. Hmmmm.... what to say? Golly, this is tough. First, as to Mira -- she explains her dress style. But, more importantly, she's younger than the Exile and LOOK AROUND YOU it's not like women don't dress like that these days. They do. Brittney Spears scandalous belly-baring midriff shirts of 7 years ago are now the STATUS QUO. And, as for the comments about Visas, she's not that sexed out -- despite the fact you obviously have boob envy. The "I Dream of Genie" comparison is funny, and I laughed, but I recognize it can only come from envy. I don't game much with Handmaiden, but after this post you can betchurass I'm gonna put her in my party for the final battle (I'm on the end parts of the game), and I'm gonna take all her armor and clothes off and lust over her panties and bra bouncing through the world just to spite you. If you notice, the majority of the key characters in this story are women, so enjoy it -- lest we send you back to the kitchen where you belong and end this whole equality movement crap we've put up with. I mean, the thing was interesting when "women's empowerment" thing meant skimpier clothes and women who would ask us out -- but this kind of whining is annoying. It's as if you've suddenly become a French union member who's pissed they only get 65 days a year of vacation. Several people made good points that the male characters are also hotties in this game as well. You may note that it's NOT POSSIBLE for either gender to make a 250 lb. character with pimples and glasses who eats Doritos and plays video games in their free time. In conclusion: GET OVER IT, SELL YOUR DARNED GAME AND BUY A GYM MEMBERSHIP TO BEGIN DEALING WITH YOUR INSECURITIES.
  6. Okay, I'm stuck... damnit. I got the Jedi from Onderon and Nar Shaddaa -- should be done. I found out that on Korriban the Jedi was dead. I can't go see Atris. So, I'm trying to find the last jedi on Dantooine. No luck. I cleared the sublevel on my first visit to the planet, and I delivered the message to the mercenaries from the militia leader to "go ahead" recently during the second visit. (I am told I need REAL PROOF to level charges against the militia leader.) Now, nothing is happening and I don't know where to go. I have no clue as to how to proceed. I think I need to trigger the merc attack on the enclave, but have no idea how to do it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. I just made a new jedi in my party, so now I have 3. 2 of us are using both regular sabers and 2 of my 3 short sabers. That leaves the new guy with only a two-handed saber. While I'm not *against* those per se, I'm not real fond of the graphics for them. I'm also short on saber crystals. So, where can a guy go to get saber parts, particularly crystals, and maybe even buy a few more sabers. I started with the double saber, but have dumped it -- what is there, if anything, that's so good about them? In the first KOTOR, a bug made them better than 2-handed fighting because they didn't apply the two-handed penalties. That's been fixed, though, right? Also, Jedi Robes. Jedi look cooler in robes, but the ones I have don't look so hot and have crap bonuses. What are good jedi robes to use, and where can I buy or find them? I guess there are probably 4 or 5 really good ones in the game. Anywho, thanks for any info.
  8. I've not used this cheat, but I read that if you repair the airspeeder with the part you can buy on Nar Shadaa, you will get XP and then get the part back. Normally, you move on to further repairs -- unlocking the steering of something like that. However, you can again do the same repair you first did, get XP and get the part back. Supposedly one more unlimited XP cheat. As I said, I didn't learn this until after I had completely repaired the thing. Also note that this cheat is from an Xbox source, and may not work for PC.
  9. How do I enable the Jedi Support Script? What is it? Note I'm playing on Xbox.
  10. Thanks again. I went ahead with Mira and Visas. Why not take two great tastes that taste great together? Visas is not so high on droid-deathness --- only at stun. But I now have the Exile, who has destroy droid. And lightning. Quiting for the night, but I'll see how it goes manana. Thanks so far for all the help folks, you've been very nice to me.
  11. Thanks so much for the help so far. I got HK's chassis. Now, a NEW QUESTION. I'm on my way to rescue Exile from Goto. Who is good to take? Visas is my only real force user other than Kreia, I was thinking her and someone else -- human (for healing). Also, I selected to use the transponder codes that T3 looted. But, what happens if you choose one of the other ship's transponders you found in the docks? Thanks again, everyone who helped.
  12. The chassis is the last part I need for HK. Where can I find it? Is it possible to return to Atris' place and how? I have yet to convert anyone to a Jedi. The Handmaiden won't talk to me, and I'd like to know if I can fix that. I'm playing LS -- who would make a good padawan? I probably have adventured equally with everyone at this point. Thanks.
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