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  1. yeah!!! :D it worked well. many thanks everbody
  2. so, that means i'll meet them on planet surface and i must DS???
  3. can anyone plz help me about TSF Bounty : Escaped Criminals quest on telos. i met the criminals at Czerka Corp (the criminals's talking to Lorso), then they run. so, where i'm suppose to go to kill them? i already search them ientire telos (well, not entire planet telos actually) i already patched n download some file at TSL Restoration Project to fix the bugs but still, i cant complete the quest. why???
  4. ow, great!!!! the bug fixed n i can feel the force again thanks master Cloris :D
  5. so, i just need to copy and paste override n source folder to my SwKotor2 folder?
  6. errr.... , sorry if my question isn't clear enough before. what i mean is, after i unzip the file there are 2 folders. 1. Override folder 2. Source folder and what must i do to the source folder? copy and paste it to my SwKotor2 folder? or there is another way? i hope my question clear. :"> and thanks for all your help
  7. i need help desperately!!! i want to fix bugs and i download some override folder from TSL Restoration Project. but some of them contain source folder. (i.e.) file rzf_criminals_questfix.zip what must i do to the source folder ?????
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